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Terms & Conditions

  • We strongly advise all applicants to arrange and purchase the appropriate health and travel insurance in the event of illness, to cover any loss or injury, including repatriation or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Sampoorna Yoga reserves the right to offer discounts. This does not affect any guests who have already paid the full price and they may therefore not claim or be eligible for any discount.
  • If after having settled the accounts the applicant decides to downgrade his/her package, the applicant will not be entitled to any refund. Should the applicant wish to upgrade, the new price will apply.
  • Sampoorna Yoga reserves the right to make changes in the property’s accommodation, schedules and yoga activities.
  • Sampoorna Yoga is not responsible for any consequences due to delays or cancellations of flights, trains, buses or any other forms of transport.
  • Sampoorna Yoga is not liable for any flight expenses under any circumstances.
  • The applicant must fully comply with the health and safety regulations enforced by Sampoorna Yoga. The applicant must ensure that he/she is medically and physically fit, able to use our facilities and in condition to participate in physical activity. Applicants with conditions, injuries or illnesses are recommended to seek doctor’s advice if practicing yoga. Sampoorna Yoga is neither responsible nor liable for any injuries to the applicant while using the facilities or participating in the activities. Applicant must always stop and rest if he/she is feeling any pain or sickness and inform the teacher of any previous injuries or conditions.
  • Sampoorna Yoga does not accept any responsibility and is not liable for any loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables belonging to the applicant.
  • Sampoorna Yoga is not liable for injury or illnesses that may occur during the applicant’s stay or travelling to and from Sampoorna Yoga.
  • Sampoorna Yoga upholds the right to terminate an applicant’s stay should there be any breach of these terms and conditions. The applicant will be obliged to immediately leave the premises without any refund and Sampoorna Yoga shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses incurred.
  • Sampoorna Yoga owns the copyright and has exclusive ownership of the information, images, videos and materials contained in its website. These contents may not be modified, copied or used in any other way.
  • Sampoorna Yoga shall not be held liable for any malfunctioning beyond its control as a result of natural disasters, war, ‘acts of God’, closure of airports, political unrest, dangerous weather, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.
  • By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated herein.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by Indian Law and the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts in all matters regarding them.

Code of Conduct

  • The applicant shall not behave in an improper, offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal or immoral manner nor do anything which may cause disturbance to Sampoorna Yoga, other students, staff or owners.
  • The applicant shall respect and take care not to damage or destroy any Sampoorna Yoga property including fixtures, fittings, furniture, etc. and will be held responsible to replace any articles which are destroyed or missing.
  • Sampoorna Yoga upholds the right to terminate an applicant’s stay should there be any breach of code of conduct

Complaint Procedure

  • In case of any complaints, you are requested to meet the Manager at the office and inform in person and additionally write down in the complaints register. You are also requested to kindly write an email at and your complaint will be addressed within 24 hours
  • If you do not receive a reply after 24 hours, you are requested to escalate to

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Sampoorna Yoga's 200/300/500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) are registered with Yoga Alliance USA/Canada and Yoga Alliance UK. Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200/500 (Registered Yoga Teacher).