Six reasons why everyone should take a yoga teacher training course once in their lifetime


Six reasons why everyone should take a yoga teacher training course once in their lifetime Most people will think of yoga teacher training as something you would only undertake if you were actually thinking of embarking on a career as a yoga teacher, or were looking to deepen an already advanced practice. What they might not know is that whatever level you practise at, a yoga teacher training course will have a profound effect on your life, not just your physicality. You will have a much happier relationship with your body. You may have pushed your body doing physical exercise [...]

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Tortoise (Kurmasana)


Tortoise (Kurmasana) Type: Seated forward bend Level: Advance Steps: Sit straight with your legs bent and wide apart. Bending forward put your right arms under your knee and thighs. Press your legs against your shoulder bones and bend your torso and head down towards the ground. Props & Assistance: • Sit on a folded blanket if you have tightness in your hips or lower back Preparatory poses: •Archer •Standing forward bend •Seated forward bend •Wide legged seated forward bend •Staff •Downward dog Follow up poses: •Childs •Downward dog •Corpse Benefits: •Strengthens the back •Tones the abdominal organs •Encourages flexibility in [...]

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Eight Angle (Astavakrasana)


Eight Angle (Astavakrasana) Type: Arm balance Level: Advance Steps: From seated pose with the legs stretched out in front, bend the right knee to the chest and bring your right arm to the inside of the bent right leg. Take hold of the right foot or ankle with both hands and begin to snuggle the underside of your right knee behind your right shoulder. Hook the right leg firmly behind the right shoulder. Place the palms down either side of your hips and spread the fingers wide. Keep the chest lifted and collarbone wide. Pick up the left leg and [...]

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Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana)


Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) Type: Standing Level: Intermediate Steps: Stand tall. Lean over to the side to bring your hand to the ground slightly ahead of the foot on the same side of the body. Raise the back leg and start to raise the other arm up to the ceilng. Try to place the gaze at the hand raised above you. Props & Assistance: •You can perform the pose with your back leaning against a wall •Rest your hand on a block if you struggle to reach the ground •Keep the gaze looking down to the floor if that helps [...]

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Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana)


Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana) Type: Standing Balance Level: Intermediate Steps: Take mountain pose. Lift and bend one leg and grab the toe with the two first fingers of the the opposite hand. Start to straighten up the leg as much as the hamstring allows. Put your other hand on your hip. Open your chest and stand tall. Props & Assistance: •You can keep a bend in the knee instead of fully straightening •Use strap looped around the sole of the foot •Use a wall or chair for balance. Preparatory poses: •Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose •Reclining Hero [...]

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Boat (Navasana)


Boat Pose (Navasana) Type: Seated pose Level: Intermediate Steps: Sit straight with legs bent and hands behind your head. Raise the half bent legs with the shins parallel to the floor and then straighten them out, keeping the angle between the legs and floor at 45 degrees. Keep the back straight. Props & Assistance: If difficult to straighten the raised legs, bend your knees and loop a strap around the soles of your feet, gripping it firmly in your hands. Inhale, lean the torso back, then exhale and lift and straighten your legs, adjusting the strap to keep it taut. [...]

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How Yoga can Help with Sciatica


How Yoga can Help with Sciatica Sciatica refers to pain that is experienced along the sciatic nerve which travels from the lower back and down each leg. Symptoms Common symptoms include: • Pain in the lower back, back of the leg, hip, rear and the severity of the pain can be different from person to person. It usually occurs at one side of the body. • Burning/tingling down the leg • Numbness in the leg or the foot • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot. What causes Sciatica? The sciatic nerve is a long nerve that travels [...]

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Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)


Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana) Type: Forward Bend Level: Beginner Steps: Sit straight with legs straight out in front of you. Extend upwards and then bend towards your legs. Try to move your stomach to your thighs, lower your head and move the hands towards the toes. Variations: It doesn't matter if you cannot touch your toes in this position, as long as you keep your legs straight to feel the stretch in the hamstrings. You need to have a straight spine rather than rounding the spine to get closer to the legs. If you are more flexible you can reach [...]

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Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvokonasana)


Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvokonasana) Type: Standing pose Level: Intermediate Steps: Spread the legs apart in standing. Rotate the right foot 90 degrees and the left foot about 15 degrees to the right. Bend the right knee trying to reach 90 degrees without rotating the torso or pelvis. Start stretching to the right and put the right hand on the floor next to your foot. Straighten the left arm up and lower it over your head. Try to stretch your upper side from your foot to your arm into one line. Rotate the head and look up. Variations: Rest the [...]

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Reversed Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana)


Reversed Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) Type: Standing pose Level: Beginner Steps: From mountain pose, take a big step back with your left leg so that your left foot is parallel to the back of the mat. The body faces side-ways on. Bend your front knee and thigh and keep the knee over the ankle to stop it collapsing inwards. Keep the weight in the front heel and big toe and the back foot is pressing from the outer edge. The arms spread wide away from the body to start off in Warrior II, then reach up and over the head with [...]

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