Benefits of Yoga for Runners


Benefits of Yoga for Runners We are familiar with the many benefits of yoga for the mind and body. Here we look at how this can help with running, particularly how incorporating yoga practice with a training plan for a challenging run such as a marathon can be incredibly effective.Balance Level: 1. Intention, focus, concentration, practice and patience If you are planning on running a long run such as a marathon, it is important to stay focused on the goal. This will help you keep motivated through training and when things get tough in the race itself. This is similar [...]

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Benefits of Yoga for Students


Benefits of Yoga for Students Starting University is an important time in your life. It might be the first time you have had to take care of yourself and at the same time, you are embarking on a new course which will be mentally challenging. Yoga is a perfect complement to your studies. The physical practice is a great relief to lengthy periods of being stationary when you are studying, and there are also many benefits for the mind and relieve yourself from stress and anxiety. Physical benefits including posture Yoga is a great way to look after the physical [...]

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How We Hold Ourselves, On and Off the Yoga Mat


How We Hold Ourselves, On and Off the Yoga Mat When guiding the physical practice of yoga, I consciously ask practitioners to assess how they are feeling the space around them; from the connection of our feet to the yoga mat, right up to the tilt of the head. To me, this is an essential element, because it’s about assessing the unconscious micro-movements; the repetitive patterns of the body that become habitual. In recognising the patterns, we each are offered the opportunity to feel into how we take up space; how we occupy our bodies - our only mode of [...]

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How Tree Pose Changed My Life (Vrksasana)


How Tree Pose Changed My Life (Vrksasana) The lessons I have learnt through yoga and the journey it is taking me on are undeniably the most magnificent journey ever. It has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, digging deep in to my soul, peeling back the layers, and searching for answers - answers that I have only just realised have always been within, and one yoga asana has taught me the most, it has changed my life. Tree pose – Vrkasana. I met a wonderful yoga teacher in 2015 for a few 1-2-1 yoga classes. At a time when [...]

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Have the Courage to Try Something New… Try Yoga!


Have the Courage to Try Something New! Try Yoga! Isn't it time for you to try yoga? Many people hear about the benefits of doing yoga but will put off giving it a try, often because of fear of the unknown, fear of failure or judgement from others. There may be many other points in our life when such fears stop us from trying something new. We decide that the risk of the possible negatives is enough to make us sacrifice the more likely positive outcomes. Staying in our comfort zone seems like a safe option in the short term [...]

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