(50 HOUR)

*This yoga teacher training course is the first module of our new 300hr Yin Yoga Therapy TTC program; but it’s also a complete training on its own. Upon completion of this Yin Yoga TTC you will be ready to teach Yin yoga classes, but also you can use the 50 hours towards your 300hr Yin Yoga Therapy certification process. (More details about this new program here)

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Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where postures are practiced on the floor in a static way for an extended period of time -ranging from two to five minutes. In this style, we position our body in a particular pose and then let go of all muscular efforts and surrender it to the floor for gravity to do the work. By doing so we relax our muscles and apply moderate stress to the deepest layers of connective tissues of the body -tendons, fascia, and ligaments- improving the health and mobility of joints.

The functional approach of our 50-hour Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training Course – based on skeletal variations and uniqueness of every and each practitioner- provides a renewed perspective of the yoga asanas.

If you love the benefits of the Yin Yoga practice in your body and mind, and are ready to take it to next level, this is the perfect course for you!

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Hybrid Methodology

Sampoorna Yoga Costa Rica offers an innovative in-person/online modality which allows you to get the best out of our Yin Yoga TTC.


In this format, as soon as you sign up for the course, you will start learning from the comfort of your home. You’ll have lifetime access to the Online Module, so you can study and practice at your own rhythm and pace!

Soon after, you will join our senior lead teachers in a 6-day in-person experience to clarify doubts, improve your practice, share with like-minded yogi fellow students, and develop your teaching skills while indulging in tropical nature!


Choose the date of your YTTC & Apply


Pay the course fee


Get access to the Online Module


Attend the
In-person Module


Get certified as Yin Yoga Teacher


In the moment you sign up for our 50-hour Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training Course at Costa Rica, you will get access to our online platform. This online platform contains all the resources you need to start your journey of becoming a well-rounded yin yoga teacher.

You will study and practice at your own rhythm and pace, take notes and write down your questions and doubts to clarify them with your teachers in the in-person module. Remember: you’ll have access to this platform for life, so you can continue watching the videos, studying and practicing even after you’ve attended the In-person Module.


This 6-day module will take place in our venue in Costa Rica according to the date you have chosen. (See dates here)

Over the course of one week, you will practice and study with our senior lead teachers and fellow students from different walks of life.

This module is the practical portion of our hybrid 50-hour Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training Course. Your days will be filled with asana practice, workshops, Q&A sessions, teaching practice, posture clinics and much more.


*Saturday we will finish at 1:00pm.

Daily Schedule

What’s included in each module?OnlineIn-Person
Pre-recorded theory classes of all the topics of the curriculum
Yin Yoga classes on video
More than 25 hours of recordings of Q&A sessions
Our comprehensive manual with illustrative photos, theory, practice exercises and much more information in PDF, downloadable and printable
Study Guide with 75 review questions
One-year access to the online platform
Theory multiple-choice exam
Access to private Facebook group
Welcome & Orientation session
Yin Yoga classes
Vinyasa Flow classes (as complement)
Q&A sessions about all the topics of the course with our senior lead teacher
Yin Yoga asana workshops
Posture Clinics
Yoga teaching practice from one-on-one to larger groups
Closing and graduation session
50-hour certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance as CEPs


  • Understand the archetypal poses and their variations
  • Skillfully practice and modify the yin yoga poses
  • Identify the target area of every yoga asana
  • Comprehend where you should feel the effects of the poses
  • Sequence yin yoga flows centered in the anatomical and energetic benefits of the asanas
  • Discern when/if yoga props are needed


  • You are a yoga practitioner and want to learn how to practice yin yoga
  • You are ready to learn yin yoga asanas from a functional approach
  • You are a qualified yoga teacher who want to expand your scope of teaching
  • You are a yoga teacher looking for Yoga Alliance CEP courses
  • You own a yoga studio/school and want to add value to the classes you offer to your clients
  • You are looking to add a certification to your resume as yoga teacher
  • You have been practicing yin yoga and want to move to the next level
  • You are looking for a comprehensive, safe, well/structured, anatomically precise yet intuitive approach.
  • You want to have the experience of an in-person course while getting the best out of an online training.


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a 50-hour certificate eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance USA as CEPs, according to their requirements.

In order to receive your certificate, you need to complete the following requisites:

  • Study and complete the online module
  • Obtain minimum 90% in your theory exam(*)
  • 100% attendance to the in-person module

(*) Available on the online platform. (You will have up to one year to complete the theory exam, which means that you can take this exam either before or after attending the in-person module. In case you take the theory exam after the in-person module, you will receive your certificate by email once all requisites have been met.)


  • To make the most of the practical part of your YTTC, we advise you to:
  • Watch as many videos/lectures of the online module as possible. (Ideally -but not necessarily-, you may finish this module and take the theory exam before attending the In-person Module; otherwise, you can complete the Online Module and take the theory exam whenever you feel ready)
  • Make notes, write down your questions and doubts
  • Practice Yin Yoga -at least- 3 times a week
  • Print and bring the Student Manual, the Study Guide (all provided in the Online Module), and any other resource you think you may need. This is completely optional, but take into account that we won’t provide any printed material during the In-person Module.
  • Take enough comfortable and appropriate yoga clothes. (You may change clothes a few times a day).
  • We will provide yoga mats and all the props you may need during your course, but if you want to bring your own yoga mat is totally up to you.
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Online Yoga Teacher - ELI AGUILAR


E-RYT 500

Co-Director Sampoorna Yoga
Senior YTTC Instructor



E-RYT 500

 Director and Founder of Sampoorna Yoga

Yoga Village India


Our course is based on the functional approach to yoga, which emphasizes the importance of understanding the human differences, especially the skeletal variations.  The main topics we cover in this course are:

  • The essential elements of Yin yoga: definition and principles
  • The Yin and the Yang
  • History of Yin yoga
  • Yin yoga vs Restorative yoga
  • How to practice Yin yoga
  • Anatomy of Yin yoga
  • Comparative and functional anatomy
  • Aesthetic and functional alignment
  • Compression and tension theory
  • Connective tissue
  • Differences in bones and skeletons
  • How skeletal differences affects the postures, range of movements and the joins
  • Skeletal segments to define compression areas
  • Muscle groups to define tension areas
  • Target areas of yoga asanas
  • Beneficial effects of Yin yoga on connective tissues, fascia and joints: anatomical and energetic benefits
  • Archetypal poses and their variations
  • Appropriate use of props
  • Sequencing Yin yoga classes
  • Teaching methodology of Yin Yoga

NOTE: Topics such as energetic body (meridians and chakras), mindfulness, meditation and pranayama are mentioned but are not the core/emphasis of this course.