How Tree Pose Changed My Life (Vrksasana)

The lessons I have learnt through yoga and the journey it is taking me on are undeniably the most magnificent journey ever. It has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, digging deep in to my soul, peeling back the layers, and searching for answers – answers that I have only just realised have always been within, and one yoga asana has taught me the most, it has changed my life. Tree pose – Vrkasana.

I met a wonderful yoga teacher in 2015 for a few 1-2-1 yoga classes. At a time when I felt I needed something more, she led me through a beautiful hatha yoga practice. We came to the tree pose, and I was wobbling all over the place, finding it hard to focus, putting pressure on myself, feeling frustrated etc, which in turn made my balance worse. Then, she said something that changed my life forever – I will never forget that moment.

“If you fall, just pick yourself right back up and try again.”

Simple words, but life changing ones.

We all have days when we balance, we have days when we fall, we have days of sadness, we have days of joy, but whenever we fall, we pick ourselves up and we try again – growing stronger and stronger, accepting what is, and letting go, not judging ourselves, not criticizing ourselves. When the wind blows we may fall, when a storm hits we can fall, and when we do – trusting and knowing that we can stand back up proud – we can ground ourselves like a tree and grow stronger and stronger everyday.

Thank you, yoga, for the lessons I continue to learn; from each and every asana, each and every breath. And thank you to that teacher for sharing their wonderful analogy that I now share with my students, in the hope that one day we will all learn how beautiful we are if we just let in the light, shine bright and blossom like a tree.

Just Mimi. Mimi graduated yoga teacher training from Sampoorna – yoga teacher training school India in October 2016. Since then, her life has transformed and blossomed, and her passion lies in spreading her love of yoga, sharing a message of self-love and acceptance. Her teachings are based on her own personal experiences and growth, and the magical lessons she learnt at Sampoorna and throughout her daily life. She teaches classes of all levels, children and adults, people in recovery, also workshops and retreats worldwide.

Currently Mimi is creating an online yoga course to inspire those who struggle to find time for themselves. With her guidance and support, she wishes to share to the world how important it is to make time for yourself, and to love yourself – on and off the mat.  


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