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The language of yoga


The language of yoga One of the things that really surprised me when I began my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Sampoorna - Yoga Teacher Training School in India, is how I had to learn how to speak again. I came into the school think this was the one thing I could do, having been a ballet teacher many years before, and then a publishing professional, used to speaking on the industry stage at many an event. Standing up in front of people was my thing, if you will. Except when it came to yoga. Having to learn the new [...]

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Six tips for teaching your first yoga class


Six tips for teaching your first yoga class Teaching your very first class can be an intimidating experience. You’ll have taught several times during your yoga teacher training course and probably found that fairly nerve-racking, but you were hopefully doing that within a supportive environment, and teaching fellow students who knew what they were doing and were willing you to succeed. But what happens when you are teaching your very first class back at home? How do you transfer what you’ve learned on your course to the real world? Here are six important tips to get you started… 1. Plan, [...]

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Five reasons to become a yoga teacher


Five reasons to become a yoga teacher Yoga-teaching is seen as ‘living the dream’ to many people, because they will be focusing on doing the thing they love every day, and (hopefully) getting paid for it. Some are lucky enough to travel the world doing it, teaching in paradise locations. Whilst as a career choice it’s not all palm-fringed beaches and namastes at sunset, yoga teaching has many benefits that you may not have even thought of. Here are five of the main ones… 1. It is immensely rewarding Essentially, every time you take a class, you are helping people. [...]

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Have the Courage to Try Something New… Try Yoga!


Have the Courage to Try Something New! Try Yoga! Isn't it time for you to try yoga? Many people hear about the benefits of doing yoga but will put off giving it a try, often because of fear of the unknown, fear of failure or judgement from others. There may be many other points in our life when such fears stop us from trying something new. We decide that the risk of the possible negatives is enough to make us sacrifice the more likely positive outcomes. Staying in our comfort zone seems like a safe option in the short term [...]

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