“Be a light unto yourself” – Buddha to his disciples


Meet our incredible team of yoga teachers/instructors from all over the world.

Our teaching team at Sampoorna – Yoga Teacher Training School in India work together to create a supportive and nurturing environment that enables you to find a deeper spiritual awareness. We have created a sensitive, safe and spiritual space where each individual is free to express and explore themselves without expectation or judgment.

Our teaching staff are a unique combination of Indian and International teachers, creating a fusion of cultures, experiences, teaching styles, approaches to yoga asanas, and a multicultural environment appropriate to the eclectic and international group of students we receive at our center every season. While our teachers come from a variety of cultures, countries, and disciplines, we are united in our belief that yoga is an ongoing transformative process and uphold this unique blend of East-West influence on yoga that benefit all with a deeper awareness and understanding of yoga, personally and in a global context.

All of our teachers are experienced and certified and lend their own personal style and experience to our yoga teacher training courses, while at the same time staying grounded in traditional yoga disciplines.