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  • Lifetime Access

  • Self-paced

  • Pay in Instalments

  • 11,000+ Graduates

  • Live+ Pre-recorded

  • Yoga Alliance Approved

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300-hr Arogya Yoga TTC

(Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course)




“The yoga therapy components of our course are based on our lead trainers’ PhD and qualifications in the field of physical education, alternative therapies, therapeutic restorative yoga, naturopathy and ayurveda, not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.”

“Due to the ongoing Corona situation Yoga Alliance has permitted to conduct Yoga Teacher Training courses fully online and consider all the delivered classes whether live or pre-recorded as CONTACT HOURS till 31st December 2022. The date may be extended beyond 31st December 2022 depending upon the world situation”

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Yoga Therapy is not new. Prevention and healing have been always the main purpose of yoga philosophy. Therefore, it can be difficult to define it, especially because we can approach the concept from different perspectives. Nevertheless, we offer a few definitions to make the term understandable and accepted by all people -whether yoga practitioners or not.

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.” (International Association of Yoga Therapists’ definition)

Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the help of the Yoga therapist, implements a personalized and evolving Yoga practice, that not only addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, but also aims to alleviate his/her suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner.  Depending upon the nature of the illness, Yoga therapy can not only be preventative or curative, but also serve a means to manage the illness, or facilitate healing in the person at all levels.” (TKV Desikachar & Kausthub Desikachar)


“Yoga Therapy is the process of using the benefits of Yoga techniques as a method to prevent illnesses, ease symptoms, facilitate healing and achieve an overall state of wellbeing.”

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Although yoga is a therapeutic practice, there are significant differences when it comes to yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions, yoga students and yoga therapy clients, yoga teachers and yoga therapists. Let’s take a look at the core of these concepts:

YogaYoga Therapy
Yoga Students: Most often, students come to yoga classes looking for exercising, relaxing and using yoga as a tool for self-observation, gaining deep understanding, and self-development.Yoga Clients:Usually, clients look for help to relief some symptoms of their health condition. These people seek to use yoga techniques that help them to feel better -and more functional- according to their illness.
Yoga Teachers: Irrespective of the yoga school of thought and the teaching style every teacher follows, yoga teachers’ aim is to help their students to improve and deepen in their yoga practice -from asana, to meditation and pranayama. Good yoga teachers usually modify their classes according to the interests and abilities of their students.Yoga Therapists: More than focus on yoga methods and practices, yoga therapists need to understand their clients’ health condition, determine how to help them and look for yoga techniques that specifically reduce or manage their symptoms, improve their functionality and support their healing process. Yoga Therapists are yoga teachers who have completed accredited yoga therapy training programs.
Yoga Classes: Even though some yoga teachers may conduct one-on-one classes, Yoga is usually practice in a group setting. Good yoga teachers respect physical conditions, abilities, and strengths of their students and may offer modifications accordingly while teaching how to practice yoga.Yoga Therapy Sessions: Clients with same or similar health conditions may attend group sessions. Nevertheless, the one-on-one format is more advisable. Yoga therapist’s job is less about teaching yoga techniques and more about supporting their clients to overcome their particular health condition using


Syllabus of both trainings may seem similar in the core; however, in order to practice yoga therapy, yoga teachers need to acquire a different set of tools, knowledge and skills:

TopicsYoga Teacher TrainingYoga Therapy Training
Foundations of Yoga Philosophy
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Teaching Skills
Teaching Practice and assisting
Ayurveda and Naturopathy
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
Pathology of Common Illnesses
Yoga methods and techniques adapted to individual needs


Studying yoga as a tool to overcome and ease the symptoms of common illnesses has become extremely popular recently, due to the great therapeutic effects yoga practitioners experience in their body and mind.

Consequently, the demand for yoga teachers with specialized knowledge in yoga as a therapeutic tool, in different fields such as: health management organizations, corporations, hospitals, retreat centers, schools, colleges, universities, sports centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and many more, has grown exponentially. With our Arogya Yoga Teacher Training you acquire a specialization that allows you to help clients who suffer from a specific problem (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer, among many others).


  • In group classes, you can teach your clients how to become -and stay- healthier
  • You will feel more confident when approached by students that come to yoga seeking for support in their healing process
  • In one-on-one sessions, you will be able to analyse your clients’ condition, in order to tailor a yoga-based program for them
  • You can partner with yoga studios to offer Yoga Therapy classes in addition to their general yoga classes
  • You may offer specialized workshops for groups of people that are struggling with similar illnesses/conditions
  • You can become part of different health support groups
  • You can offer your specialized services to organizations such as hospitals, retreat centers, Naturopathy and Ayurveda centers, rehabilitation centers, among others


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Arogya is a Sanskrit word that means “overall well-being” and “health of mind, body and spirit.” It means living a healthy life without disease and having complete health in mind and body. Arogya can be used to refer to a wide range of topics, including yoga asana, Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, among others.

Our Online 300-hour Arogya Yoga (Therapy) Teacher Training is a program that provides knowledge, skills, and tools to qualified yoga teachers to conduct one-to-one and group yoga therapy sessions. This advanced Yoga Course enables yoga teachers to help their clients preventing illnesses, easing symptoms, complementing medical treatments, and improving their overall wellbeing.

After this course, you will be able to support the healing process of clients with similar conditions/illnesses, not only physically but also at deeper layers of their being, using yoga techniques to prevent and to recover from deep inside.

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Our 300-HOUR Yoga Therapy Online TTC includes:

  • Theory and practical classes -on video- of all the topics of the curriculum
  • More than 20 live sessions with all the teachers of the course
  • Our comprehensive manual with illustrative photos, theory, practice exercises and much more information in PDF; downloadable and printable
  • PPT presentations
  • Study guide with more than 100 questions
  • Theory final exam
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • 300-hour certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance
  • Lifelong access to the course materials
  • Flexibility to complete the course at your own rhythm and pace

Pre-requisite: You should hold a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Sampoorna or from any other accredited yoga school in any style/philosophy of yoga.


  • You are a Certified Yoga Teacher
  • You aim to help people to achieve a better lifestyle
  • You want to help patients to ease and relieve the symptoms of their illnesses/conditions
  • You look for a more specialized yoga field
  • You aim to be part of a positive change regarding health and lifestyle habits
  • You want to teach people how to prevent diseases
  • You are interested in creating a successful business model while contributing with the wellbeing of your clients
  • You want to maximize your time by pursuing an online training
  • You want to be part of a group-learning experience while learning at your own pace
  • You are looking for the best Yoga Therapy Training in India, at the convenience of your home


Our 300-hour Arogya Yoga (Therapy) TTC is registered with Yoga Alliance (USA) as a 300-hour Arogya Yoga Teacher Training Course, under their specific requirements for General 300-hour TTCs. Yoga Alliance does not hold curricular standards that address instruction in how to diagnose or treat any particular health condition, and their Registry Standards do not include instruction in yoga therapy techniques. Yoga Alliance does not hold a separate Yoga Therapy category for registering YTTCs.

Therefore, upon completion of our 300-hr Arogya Yoga (Therapy) TTC, you will be eligible to register as a RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance USA, not as Yoga Therapist.

With this 300-hour course, Sampoorna Yoga has become an active school member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).


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E-RYT 500

Yoga Teacher



M.Sc in Yoga Therapy

Yoga Teacher



E-RYT 500

Yoga Teacher

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  • Yoga Therapy – An Overview
  • Wellbeing and Wellness
  • Role of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga in prevention and healing
  • Importance of Panchakosha and Chakras in Yoga Therapy
  • Role of purification techniques (shuddhi kriya) in Yoga Therapy


  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Body matrix- dosha, dhatu, mala
  • Prakruti- body mind constitution
  • Introduction to ayurvedic and yogic diet
  • Types of ayurvedic treatments

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  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • Review of anatomy and physiology foundations (these topics are studied in a 200-hr YTTC):
      • Body planes and movements
      • The skeletal system
      • The muscular system
      • The nervous system
    • The cardiovascular system
    • The respiratory system
    • The lymphatic system
    • The endocrine system
    • The digestive system
    • The excretory system
    • The reproductive system
  • Pathology of Common Conditions
    • Cardiovascular disease -hypertension
    • Ischemic heart disease
    • Respiratory disease-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis
    • Musculoskeletal disorders
    • Spondylitis, spondylosis
    • Conditions of the spine: Kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis
    • Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
    • Back pain, joint pain
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Thyroid disorders
    • PCOD, infertility, menstrual disorders
    • Lifestyle diseases: Obesity, diabetes
    • Mental conditions: Stress, anxiety, depression


yoga therapy online

  • Chair Sun Salutation
  • Chair yoga asanas
  • Rope movements
  • Figure of eight
  • Yogic cervical loop traction
  • Rope/belt jacket
  • Yogic lumbar traction 1,2
  • Adhomukha shwanasana1,2
  • Prasarita padottanasana
  • Padangushthasana
  • Gomukhasana
  • Knee joint
  • Knee separation
  • Knee rotation
  • Ankle stretches
  • Calf stretches
  • Leg stretches
  • Toes separation
  • Pelvic lift with groin in
  • Chest lift
  • Supta virasna
  • Viparita dandasana
  • Antarangta sadhana
  • Pranayam
  • Chakra meditation
  • Yoganidra
  • Sahaj yog meditation
  • Jalaneti
  • Bandhas -5
  • Mudras

*Pre-study/non-contact hours:  The course also includes some suggested pre-reading material. We will send you the list of recommended books along with the joining instructions upon your registration on the course.

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To receive your 300-hour certificate, you must complete a written exam (available in the online platform).

Once you have completed all the lectures of the course and approved the written exam, we will send your certificate through your email.


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The online 300-hr Arogya Yoga (Therapy) Teacher Training Course will take place on the following date:

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: You will be eligible for 200 Euros / 100 Euros discount if you register 30-days / 15-days in advance of the course start date, respectively. This is applicable on payment of full course fee only.


€ 3100

€ 1100*

*This comprehensive course is worth €3,100, but in solidarity with the current world situation, we are offering the online version for only € 1100. This is applicable for bookings w.e.f. 26-May-2021.

The online 300-hr Arogya Yoga (Therapy) Teacher Training Course will take place on the following date:

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: You will be eligible for 200 Euros / 100 Euros discount if you register 30-days / 15-days in advance of the course start date, respectively. This is applicable on payment of full course fee only.


€ 3100

€ 1100*

*This comprehensive course is worth €3,100, but in solidarity with the current world situation, we are offering the online version for only € 1100. This is applicable for bookings w.e.f. 26-May-2021.


For your comfort and convenience, we offer you the following payment plans:


(Best Value)

  • With this plan, you can make the full payment through:
    • Bank transfer, Transfer Wise, PayPal and Credit card


(for 3 months)

  • Payments can be made only through credit card


(for 6 months)

  • Payments can be made only through credit card

*If you choose a payment plan, you will receive your certificate only after all payments are received.
*Taxes may apply depending on your country of residence

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become yoga therapist online

  • There is No Daily Schedule for the online course, you can study and practice at your own rhythm and pace.
  • There will be 20 Q&A Live Sessions with all your teachers to clarify doubts, receive feedback, discuss with other yogi fellows, share what you have learned, etc. All the live sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot make it you can watch the replay.
  • The course has a timeframe of six weeks. This implies the following:
    • To register a course in Yoga Alliance, Sampoorna has to provide a start and an end date.
    • Majority of students want to have a similar experience as our in-person course, in terms of intensity. This timeframe also offers a context for students to organize their time and finish the course in a similar period.
    • The Q&A live sessions will take place only within the dates of the course.
    • The written exam will be available in the online platform from the last day of the course onward.
  • However, if you want/need to take more time to complete the course, or for any reason you cannot complete it during these six weeks, you will have up to one year to finish it. (Please, take into account that your teachers will be available for live sessions only during the six weeks of the course; after the course timeframe has finished you can access to all the material online and study and practice by yourself)
  • The 300-hr Arogya Yoga (Therapy) TTC classes will be taught through the following resources:
    • Pre-recorded videos (both for theory and practical classes)
    • Live sessions through Zoom
    • PDF documents that you can download and print
    • Power Point Presentations
    • Pre-assigned manual readings
    • Study Guide (for your own knowledge assessment)
  • Once you have registered and paid the fee, you will receive a Joining Instructions document which contains a suggested pre-reading list, in case you want to start reading and preparing before the start of the course; however, this is optional. All the materials you need are on the online platform. We will send you the link and all the access information before the Welcome meeting. On our online platform, you will find the course material organized by sections and topics. You will be able to download documents in PDF format, but the videos are not downloadable, you will be able to see them only from the virtual platform.
  • You will have life long access to this material and you can review it whenever you like.
  • Each week, the teachers will facilitate Q&A live sessions that will serve to clarify doubts about the material studied and practiced during the days prior to the session; you can also clarify doubts and receive feedback on a particular topic. These sessions will be carried out through Zoom. The times of these sessions will be announced in advance and in case you cannot participate in the live session, it will be recorded so that you can watch it at your best convenience.
  • As mentioned before, the live sessions will take place within the timeframe of the course. After the end date of the training, you can continue reviewing the course material, practicing and watching the videos with no limit of time, on your own.
  • Once you have completed all the lectures, passed the written test, and the full fee of the course has been paid, your yoga teacher certificate will be sent by email.
  • Although the course has a six week-period to be completed, we also offer you the option to finish the course within a year, so you will be able to study at your own pace. You can read and practice on your own, and when you feel ready, you can present the written exam, and get your certificate.
  • Please note that after the end date of the course there will be no more live sessions, but the recorded sessions will always be available.
  • Welcome & Orientation session. The day prior the start date of the course, we will conduct a live session with all the teachers and the participants, to get to know each other and discuss further details of the course. The time of this session, as well as other important information and the schedule for all the live sessions, will be sent to you by email once you have completed your registration and payment.
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  1. Complete the online form you find here. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours after completing the application, please send us an email to [email protected]
  2. If you are accepted into the course, we will send you the payment information (according to the payment plan you choose). Your place in the course will be confirmed only upon receipt of the payment.
  3. Once we confirm the receipt of your payment, we will send you an email with important information about the course and instructions to login into the online platform.


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Sampoorna Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA. When you graduate from our school you will be eligible to register with them as a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, in your respective categories.