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60-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Approved Course

“Due to the ongoing Corona situation Yoga Alliance has permitted to conduct Yoga Teacher Training courses fully online and consider all the delivered classes whether live or pre-recorded as CONTACT HOURS till 31st December 2021. The date may be extended beyond 31st December 2021 depending upon the world situation”

Sampoorna Yoga RYS 200
Yoga Village India


Yin Yoga is a slow paced and passive style of yoga practice where postures are practiced on the floor in a static way for an extended period of time ranging from two to five minutes. In this style we position our body in a particular pose and then let go of all muscular efforts and surrender it to the floor for gravity to do the work. By doing so we relax our muscles and apply moderate stress to the deepest layers of connective tissues of the body -tendons, fascia, and ligaments- improving the health and mobility of joints.

When combined with internal awareness Yin yoga also becomes a highly meditative tool to cultivate inner silence, enhance awareness and explore the deeper realm of our consciousness.

Our online 60-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training course provides all the tools, resources and content of an in-person training, with the benefit of studying, learning and practicing from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. The functional approach of the course -based on skeletal variations and uniqueness of every and each practitioner- provides a renewed perspective of the yoga asanas.

If you love the benefits of the Yin Yoga practice in your body and mind, and are ready to take it to next level, this is the perfect course for you!


  • Pre-recorded theory classes
  • Yin Yoga classes on video
  • Live sessions to clarify doubts
  • Our comprehensive manual with illustrative photos, theory, practice exercises and much more downloadable and printable resources
  • Study Guide
  • Theory final exam
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • 60-hour certificate eligible as CEPs in Yoga Alliance
  • One-year access to all the content of the course
  • Flexibility to complete the course at your own pace


  • Understand the archetypal poses and their variations
  • Skilfully practice and modify the yin yoga poses
  • Identify the target area of every yoga asana
  • Comprehend where you should feel the effects of the poses
  • Sequence yin yoga flows centred in the anatomical and energetic benefits of the asanas
  • Discern when/if yoga props are needed


  • You are a yoga practitioner and want to learn how to practice yin yoga
  • You are ready to learn yin yoga asanas from a functional approach
  • You are a qualified yoga teacher who want to expand your scope of teaching
  • You are a yoga teacher looking for Yoga Alliance CEP courses
  • You own a yoga studio/school and want to add value to the classes you offer to your clients
  • You are looking to add a certification to your resume as yoga teacher
  • You want to maximize your time by pursuing an online training
  • You want to be part of a group-learning experience while learning at your own pace
  • You have been practicing yin yoga and want to move to the next level
  • You are looking for a comprehensive, safe, well/structured, anatomically precise yet intuitive approach.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a 60-hour certificate eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance as CEPs, according to their requirements.


Yoga Village India



Yoga Village India


Our course is based on the functional approach to yoga, which emphasizes the importance of understanding the human differences, specially the skeletal variations.  The main topics we cover in this online course are:

  • The essential elements of Yin yoga: definition and principles
  • The Yin and the Yang
  • History of Yin yoga
  • Yin yoga vs Restorative yoga
  • How to practice Yin yoga
  • Anatomy of Yin yoga
  • Comparative and functional anatomy
  • Aesthetic and functional alignment
  • Compression and tension theory
  • Connective tissue
  • Differences in bones and skeletons
  • How skeletal differences affects the postures, range of movements and the joins
  • Skeletal segments to define compression areas
  • Muscle groups to define tension areas
  • Target areas of yoga asanas
  • Beneficial effects of Yin yoga on connective tissues, fascia and joints: anatomical and energetic benefits
  • Archetypal poses and their variations
  • Appropriate use of props
  • Sequencing Yin yoga classes
  • Teaching methodology of Yin Yoga


*Topics such as energetic body (meridians and chakras), mindfulness, meditation and pranayama are mentioned but are not the core/emphasis of this course.

**This course includes different pre-recorded led Yin yoga classes to practice every day during the timeframe of this training. We also encourage you to maintain your regular (yang) yoga practice and add on a daily Yin yoga practice, following our classes.


To receive the 60-hour Yin Yoga TTC certificate, you will complete a written exam (available in the online platform)

Yoga Village India


The online 60-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course will take place on the following date:

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: You will be eligible for 100 Euros / 50 Euros discount if you register 30-days / 15-days in advance of the course start date, respectively. This is for bookings w.e.f. 1-Sep 2020 and applicable on payment of full course fee only.


€ 1300

€ 399*

*This comprehensive course is worth €1300, but we offer the online version for only €399

The online 60-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course will take place on the following date:

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: You will be eligible for 100 Euros / 50 Euros discount if you register 30-days / 15-days in advance of the course start date, respectively. This is for bookings w.e.f. 1-Sep 2020 and applicable on payment of full course fee only.


€ 1300

€ 399*

*This comprehensive course is worth €1300, but we offer the online version for only €399


For your comfort and convenience, we offer you the following payment plans:


(Best Value)

  • With this plan, you can make the full payment through:
    • Bank transfer, Transfer Wise, PayZap and Credit card


(for 3 months)

  • Payments can be made only through credit card


(for 6 months)

  • Payments can be made only through credit card

*If you choose a payment plan, you will receive your certificate only after all payments are received.

Yoga Village India


  1. There is No Daily Schedule for the online course, you can study and practice at your own pace.
  2. There will be Live Sessions with you teacher to clarify doubts, receive feedback, discuss with other yogi fellows, share what you have learned, etc. All live sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot make it you can watch the replay.
  3. The course has a timeframe of 7 days to complete it. After this time, you will take the final exam (available in the online platform once you have finished all the lessons).
  4. However, if you want to take more time to complete the course, or for any reason you cannot complete it during these 7 days, you will have one year to finish it. (Just take into account that your teacher will be available for live sessions only during the 7 days of the course, after the course is finished you can access to all the material online and study and practice by yourself)
  5. The 60-hr YTTC classes will be taught through the following resources:
    • Pre-recorded videos (both for theory and practical classes)
    • Live sessions through Zoom
    • PDF documents that you can download and print
    • Power Point Presentations
    • Pre-assigned manual readings
  6. Once we have received your full payment, you will have access to the course on the virtual platform a day before the course start date. On this platform you will find the course material organized by sections and topics. You will be able to download documents in PDF, PPT and image formats, but the videos are not downloadable, you will be able to watch them only on the virtual platform.
  7. You will have access to this material one year and you can review it whenever you like.
  8. The teacher will facilitate live sessions that will serve to clarify doubts about the material studied and practiced during the days prior to the session; you can also clarify doubts and receive feedback on a particular position or of your practice in general. These sessions will be carried out through Zoom. The times of these sessions will be announced in advance and in case you cannot participate in the live session, it will be recorded so that you can watch it at your best convenience.
  9. The course has a start and an end date, time in which the live sessions will take place and you will be able to talk to your teacher directly. After this date, you can continue reviewing the course material, practicing and watching the videos with no limit of time, on your own.
  10. Although the course has a 7-day timeframe to be completed, we also offer you the option to finish the course within a year, so you will be able to study at your own pace. You can read and practice on your own, and when you feel ready, you will present the written exam and you will get your certificate.
  11. Please note that after the course has officially ended, there will be no more live sessions, but the recorded sessions will always be available.
  12. On the first day of the training, the teacher will conduct a live session to get to know each other and discuss further details of the course. The time of this session, as well as other important information and the schedule of the live sessions, will be sent to you by email once you have completed your registration and paid the course in full.


Yoga Village India


  1. Complete the online form you find here. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours after completing the application, please send us an email at [email protected].
  2. If you are accepted into the course, you will receive further indications to make the full payment of the fee.
  3. Once we confirm the receipt of your payment, we will send you an email with important information about the course and instructions to login into the online platform.


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Sampoorna Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA. When you graduate from our school you will be eligible to register with them as a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, in your respective categories.