• Lifetime Access

  • Self-paced

  • 13,000+ Graduates

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  • Yoga Alliance Approved

  • Lifetime Access

  • Self-paced

  • 13,000+ Graduates

  • Live+ Pre-recorded

  • Yoga Alliance Approved

Pranayama Teacher Training Online(50-hour)
Online Yogic Breathwork Instructor Course

Yoga Alliance Approved Course

Self-paced, Lifetime Access

BONUS: You can use the fee you paid for your Online YTTC towards our in-person 200hr YTTC or 300hr YTTC in Goa, India
(*Conditions may apply)

Sampoorna Yoga RYS 200
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Pranayama word is comprised of two roots: prana plus ayamaPrana means vital energy or life force and ayama means extension or expansion. Thus, the word pranayama means ‘extension or expansion of the dimension of prana.

The techniques of pranayama help us activate and regulate the life force in order to go beyond one’s normal boundaries or limitations and attain a higher state of vibratory energy and awareness.

Pranayama is more than mere breathing exercises which are aimed at introducing extra oxygen into the lungs. Pranayama gives us the ability to influence the flow of prana in the nadis or energy channels of the pranamaya kosha or the energy body.

It helps us bringing the balance between the ida and pingla nadis so that we can awaken the kundalini and open susumna nadi. Once the mind has been stilled and prana flows freely in the nadis and chakras, the doorway to the evolution of consciousness opens, leading the aspirant into higher dimensions of spiritual experience.

Online Pranayama Teacher Training


  • Increases focus, awareness, mindfulness, clarity of mind and balance
  • Brings calmness and tranquillity by reducing stress levels and anxiety
  • Improves sleep and decreases insomnia
  • Increases vitality, makes one energetic, enthusiastic and positive.
  • Enhances cognitive performance such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, and reasoning skills.
  • Increases quality and amount of prana making one more energetic, sharp and lively.
  • Clears pranic blockages, harmonises the pranas and activates various brain centres
  • The brain centres are stimulated to work nearer to their optimum capacity.
  • Advance long term practice may lead to awakening of kundalini and siddhis (psychic powers)
  • Leads to deep state of meditation and spiritual awakening
  • Increases oxygen intake and absorption, improves lung function and the respiratory system
  • Carbon dioxide is efficiently expelled and the blood is purified of toxins
  • Helps with respiratory problems such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis
  • Overall it brings harmony between the body, mind, and soul, making one physically, mentally and, spiritually strong

Yoga Village India



  1. Unlimited Learning Access: Lifelong entry to course materials.
  2. Flexible Learning: The course is self-paced, allowing you to complete your certification within a year or at your convenience.
  3. Interactive Doubt Resolution: Engage in live Zoom sessions with the course instructor to clarify any questions. (This includes a course welcome meeting and a closing session.)
  4. Real-Time Engagement: Participate in live sessions, exclusively accessible during your training period.
  5. Recording Accessibility: Downloadable Zoom session recordings available for 30 days.
  6. Abundant Learning Resources: Gain access to over 75 pre-recorded theory and practical classes, including archives of previous Q&A sessions.
  7. Comprehensive Training Manual: The Pranayama Teacher Training manual, comprising all course content, is downloadable and can be printed.
  8. Community Involvement: Connect with the Sampoorna Yoga Alumni private Facebook group.
  9. Yoga Alliance Recognized Certification: Obtain a certificate approved by Yoga Alliance, entitling you to 50 Continuing Education Points (CEPs).


  1. Early Access: You’ll receive access to the online teacher training program two days ahead of the course commencement, allowing you to navigate the platform and seek clarifications during the Welcome Session.
  2. Platform Excellence: Our courses are hosted on Teachable, recognized as one of the top-tier online educational platforms and highly endorsed by Yoga Alliance.
  3. Perpetual Access: Access to all course materials, including the pranayama teacher training manual and pre-recorded classes, is granted for a lifetime.
  4. Essential Course Section: In the initial course segment, you’ll discover vital details such as the timetable, live session links, YTTC manual, important emails, and more.
  5. Flexible Learning: Progress through the course at your preferred pace and rhythm, accommodating your schedule.
  6. Completion Period: Although you possess lifelong access to the 50-hour Pranayama teacher training course, we recommend striving to finish within a year from the start date. In the event of any impediments, you can always request a complimentary extension.
  7. Doubt Clarification: For a better understanding and resolution of any uncertainties, we strongly encourage your active participation in as many Live Q&A sessions as possible. These sessions provide you with a valuable opportunity to engage directly with your instructor.
  8. Resource Accessibility: Download and print all materials in PDF format. Note that video content is exclusively accessible through the e-learning platform.


To complete your online Pranayama teacher training certification, you will need to pass a multiple-choice theory test, which will be available after 30 days of your enrollment in the course. You can complete this exam, once you have finished all the modules of your course.


After successfully concluding your 50-hour Pranayama teacher training course and achieving the required exam results, you will be awarded a 50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training certificate approved by Yoga Alliance. This certification empowers you to instruct Pranayama practices globally, opening doors to teaching this vital discipline anywhere in the world.