You’re the Voice

Slowly, slowly, I have started to find the words, and the clarity and the volume needed to communicate effectively. I almost feel like I’ve had to learn to speak again. I’ve had to learn to look people in the eye again and talk to them from the heart. These have been the hardest things.. Continue Reading →

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Lisa Edwards is 52 years old and originally from North Wales, where she taught ballet. She is a publisher, writer and now a newly graduated yoga teacher, living in north-west London. You can connect with more stories about her life of solo travel, hiking and yoga (and lots of dogs) on her blog:, Facebook page becauseican40, on Instagram @redwoods1, on Twitter @Redwoods1 and LinkedIn lisa-edwards-34991115

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All the Sampoorna Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance. Once you graduate from our school, you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance anywhere in the world. This certification enables you to teach in any and all the countries in the world.