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Sampoorna Schedule

Sampoorna Schedule

Upcoming 200-Hour TTC in Goa...

  • 30th Sep - 23rd Oct 2016
  • 26th Oct - 18th Nov 2016
  • 25th Nov - 18th Dec 2016
  • 21st Dec - 13th Jan 2017

Upcoming 300-Hour TTC in Goa...

  • 26th Oct - 21st Nov 2016
  • 16th Jan - 11th Feb 2017


Sampoorna Yoga Beach Village


Participating in a TTC is a fantastic yet intense experience, requiring a lot of physical and mental energy. At Sampoorna, we've created the village to provide you with everything you need right at your doorstep, so that you can truly immerse yourself fully in the course without any distractions.






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