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Sampoorna Schedule

Sampoorna Schedule

Upcoming 200-Hour TTC in Goa...

  • 27th Oct - 19th Nov 2017
  • 26th Nov - 19th Dec 2017
  • 22nd Dec - 14th Jan 2018
  • 17th Jan - 09-Feb 2018

Upcoming 300-Hour TTC in Goa...

  • 27th Oct - 22nd Nov 2017
  • 17th Jan - 12th Feb 2018


Ayurveda & Meditation TTC


Ayurveda is an ancient health and healing branch of knowledge which is holistic and predominantly preventive. Meditation needs no introduction. Its a process of re-training ourselves to improve focus, improve relaxation, unwind stress, attract right things and people into life and improve mindfulness and spiritual development...






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