300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Goa, India

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, India


Goa, India

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Sampoorna Yoga RYS 300


Sampoorna Yoga, located on the pristine beaches of Goa, India, stands as an internationally renowned Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher training school. Our signature 300-hour yoga teacher training program, known worldwide, has nurtured over 10,000 aspiring yoga teachers since its inception.

Established in 2008, Sampoorna Yoga has a distinct mission: to impart the essence of yoga in its entirety, embracing not just the physical asana practice, but also delving deep into all eight limbs of yoga. This holistic approach, embodying ‘wholeness,’ ‘absolute,’ or ‘fullness’ in English, finds its expression in the Sanskrit term ‘Sampoorna.’ Thus, our yoga teacher training school proudly carries the name Sampoorna Yoga, symbolizing the journey toward yoga’s complete and enriching experience.

Our 300-hour Vinyasa Flow Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course is a four-week intensive yoga teacher training program designed to deepen your already existing knowledge and foundations of yoga. You must have already completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in any style to be eligible to enrol on our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

The primary focus of this advance yoga course will be on practicing and sequencing advance Vinyasa Flow style yoga classes. Major attention will be given to the principles, technical aspects, and structural components of a Vinyasa Flow class.  Much of your time during this advance yoga teacher training course will be spent on expanding your knowledge of asanas while paying attention to the key alignments and anatomical structures in order to deepen your own practice as well as learning how to teach others safely. In addition, you will gain in-depth knowledge of pranayama, meditation and philosophy.

This YTTC is intended to carry you further along your journey as a yoga teacher and prepare you for a more advanced personal and professional investigation into the transformative power of yoga. We are unorthodox and open in our approach towards teaching yoga, we strongly encourage you to bring your own creativity, intuitions and spiritual experiences into your teaching styles.

After completion of this 300-hour yoga teacher training program, you can register yourself as  an RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.


“When we direct our awareness to understanding the external world, it is called ‘science’, and when we direct that same awareness inward to understand our true self, it is called ‘spirituality’. In its true context, yoga is at least 99% a lifestyle focused on non-physical practices and philosophy, with asana making up perhaps only 1%. Yoga philosophy is a vast subject that may take a lifetime to understand, even with consistent study and the guidance of a guru. However, during your 300-hour yoga teacher training with us , we will do our best to provide as much knowledge as possible. We will cover all the major aspects of yoga philosophy so that you can gain a basic understanding of what yoga is. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to deepen your own spiritual practice and help others discover the gift of yoga. Hatha yoga philosophy will be the core of our philosophy section in this course.”


In our 300-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training course there will be lots of opportunities for you to teach. From day one, you will start teaching one-on-one and progress to teaching larger groups. You will be guided on how to improve and enhance your teaching skills and how to plan and structure a class. You will also have regular opportunities to assist and adjust practitioners in asana classes.

Your 300-hour yoga teacher training journey with us is as much about deepening your own practice and individuality as it is about gaining the skills to teach others. We passionately believe in the significance of your own process of discovery and experience on the development of your unique personal voice and style as a yoga teacher.


As a bonus we will also give you 100% free access to our online 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training Course for lifetime. It will not only help you deepen your practice and learning before you start your yoga teacher training with us but will also help you continue to learn long after you have graduated with us.

300 hour yoga teacher training


  • If you want to become a advance yoga teacher with an internationally recognised Yoga Alliance approved 300-hour yoga teacher training school.
  • If you are looking for a 300-hour yoga teacher training school with a tremendous amount of experience and with a long history of successful track record.
  • If you are looking for a traditional Indian yoga teacher training school which can provide extremely delicious meals, safe and comfortable accommodation in a great location near the beach in Goa, India
  • If you are already a yoga teacher and want to take your teaching skills to the next level.
  • If you want to refresh your knowledge of alignment, adjustment, anatomy and philosophy in a focused, committed learning environment with professional and dedicated teachers and students.
  • If you want to acquire deeper knowledge of Yoga, Philosophy and Meditation.
  • If you want to deepen your personal practice along with senior teachers and long-term practitioners.
  • If you want to learn and practice hands-on adjustment and enhance your teaching skills.
  • If you want to take some time for yourself and enjoy being a student again– studying in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment
  • If you want added benefits with Yoga Alliance by becoming an RYT-500 (registered  yoga teacher) with Yoga Alliance.
  • If you want to enhance your credibility and increase your visibility as a well-trained yoga teacher.


  • You are eligible to apply if you hold a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Sampoorna or any other school registered with Yoga Alliance, in any style of yoga.
  • You are eligible to apply if you have taken a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course which is not recognised by Yoga Alliance but still want to learn more and deepen your knowledge. In this case, you will receive the 300-hour yoga teacher training certificate upon successful completion of the course, however, you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance.
  • If you are a long-term yoga practitioner but have not completed any teacher training, you are still welcome to join the course to gain knowledge and experience. In this case, you will still receive the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate upon successful completion of the course, but you may not be able to register with Yoga Alliance.


(300-Hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Certification)

Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training school has been a registered international yoga school with the Yoga Alliance as an RYS-200, RYS-300, RYS-500 and YACEP provider since 2009. Its online and in-person yoga teacher training courses and certifications are recognised and accepted all over the world and enables all its graduates to teach in all the countries in the world. Upon successful completion of the course our YTTC participants receive a 300-hour yoga teacher training certification which allows them to register themselves as  RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance. Please know that registering yourself as an RYT-300 or RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance is optional. With our 300-hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training certificate you can teach freely and legally in any country in the world whether you chose to register yourself with the Yoga Alliance or not.


This course places major emphasis on Vinyasa yoga practice, hands-on adjustments, and Vinyasa sequencing workshops. The philosophy is based on Bhagavad Gita and its applications in daily life. Students will study and practice pranayama, chakra and Kundalini meditations, metaphysical meditations, and Yoga Nidra. The anatomical highlight will be on practical applications of functional anatomy and comparative anatomy.


  • Vinyasa flow intermediate to advance level practice every morning.
  • Yin, restorative and other styles of asana practice a few times during the course.
  • Sequencing workshops.
  • Regular student teaching practice and feedback from teachers and classmates.
  • Alignment/adjustment/teaching techniques workshops every day.
  • Daily hands-on-adjustments by teachers or by fellow trainees to deepen your personal practice.
  • Modifications, and advance variations of numerous postures.
  • Use of props such as blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, and walls in your yoga practice.
  • Posture clinics
  • Regular themed-workshops on topics such as hip opening, headstand and inversions, back bending, arm balances, among others.


  • Teaching practice, receiving and giving feedback
  • Principles of demonstration
  • Observing, assisting and correcting
  • Instructions guidelines, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher
  • Voice projection, and floor presence
  • Different process of learning
  • Planning and structuring a class
  • Alignment and hands-on-adjustments theory and practice
  • Dealing with injuries and safety precautions


  • Prana, breath, and pranayama
  • Four aspects of pranayama: Pooraka, rechaka, antar kumbhaka, bahir kumbhaka
  • The pranic body: Annamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, pranamaya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha, ananadamaya kosha
  • Five types of prana: prana, apana, samana, udana, vyana
  • How to practice and teach pranayama
  • Types of pranayama you will practice during the course: abdominal breathing, yogic breathing, nadi shodhana, kapalbhati, bhastrika pranayama, ujjayi, bhramari, surya bhedana pranayama, sheetali and shitkari pranayama, advanced pranayama with mudras and bandhas
  • What is meditation and Its importance?
  • Meditation and the brain
  • Types of meditation
  • How to practice and teach meditation
  • Types of meditations to be covered during the course: Anapanasati and vipassana, soham meditation, chakra meditation, kundalini meditation, tratak meditation, antarmauna, yoga nidra


The philosophy part of this course will be based mainly on Hatha yoga. Apart from the basics of yoga and history there will be heavy emphasis on the nadischakras and kundalini system. The details of the complete philosophy to be taught in this course is as follows:

  • Origin and history of yoga
  • The need of yoga philosophy and Aim of yoga
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy
    • The Vedas
    • The Upanishads
    • Darshanas
  • Four main paths of yoga: Raja yoga, Gyana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga
  • Yoga as a lifestyle
  • Ashtanga Yoga
    • Eights limbs
    • Overview of Patanjali yoga sutras
  • Hatha yoga:  Philosophy and its science
  • Nadi system: The pranic (psychic) energy network
  • The three major nadis: Ida, Pingla, Sushumna
  • The kundalini and chakra system
  • The seven chakras
  • Importance of yogic cleansing techniques in hatha yoga
  • Shatkarmas: The yogic cleansing techniques
    • Jalneti, Trataka, Abdominal Cleansing (shankhaprakshalana), Vaman Dhauti etc
  • Mudras: A scientific look at mudras
  • Mudras: The Five Groups
    • Hasta Mudras: Jnana Mudra, Chin Mudra, Yoni Mudra, Bhairava Mudra, Hridaya Mudra
    • Mana (head) Mudras: Shambhavi Mudra, Nasikagra Mudra, Khechari Mudra, Kaki Mudra, Bhajangini Mudra, Bhoochari Mudra, Akashi Mudra, Shanmukhi Mudra, Unmani Mudra
    • Kaya (postural) Mudras: Vipareeta Karani mudra, Pashinee Mudra, Prana Mudra, Yoga Mudra, Manduki Mudra, Tadagi Mudra
    • Bandha (lock) Mudras: Maha Mudra, Mahabheda Mudra, Maha Vedha Mudra
    • Adhara (perineal Mudra): Ashwini Mudra, Vajroli/sahajoli Mudra
  • Bandhas: The science behind it
  • Importance asana & pranayama in hatha yoga
  • Agnisar kriya and nauli
  • Three gunas: Satva, Rajas, Tamas
  • Introduction to yoga nidra


The foundation of our yoga teacher training program is built upon our thoughtfully crafted practical anatomy classes. Unlike the majority of yoga teacher training schools around the globe, which often neglect the fundamentals of anatomy, we take immense pride in our proficiency in this domain. Our expertise shines through in the realm of functional anatomy education.

Our practical anatomy sessions are designed to foster a comprehensive comprehension of the pivotal muscles and bones implicated in asana practice, along with their inherent health benefits and limitations. Our approach centres on analytical training, delving into muscular and skeletal anatomy, and recognizing the individual variations and physical boundaries that define each practitioner. The scope of our anatomy module during the 300-hour advance yoga teacher training course encompasses the following:

  • Foundational Concepts:
    • Skeletal system, muscular system, connective tissue, nervous system, and the intricate movements of the body’s major joints.
  • Human physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc). Includes the study of the anatomical subject and the application of its principles to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy patterns of movement, among others).
  • Functional Anatomy:
    • A comprehensive exploration of functional anatomy and the physiological aspects intertwined with movement.
  • Bridging Anatomy with Yoga Practice:
    • Application of anatomical principles to the practice of yoga.
    • Understanding the mechanics of yoga asanas.
    • Cultivating awareness of healthy movement patterns.
  • Muscular and Skeletal Diversity:
    • A thorough examination of the interplay between compression, tension, proportion, and orientation theory within the context of individual muscular and skeletal differences.
  • In-Depth Region Study:
    • Immersive study of distinct body regions, including the foot, knee, hips, spine, and shoulder.
  • Understanding of yoga asanas from an anatomical perspective.
  • Therapeutic applications of postures and working with injuries in asana class.

These anatomy classes constitute the backbone of our yoga teacher training course, reinforcing our commitment to equipping our trainees with a profound understanding of the human body’s intricacies, allowing them to guide their future students with a strong foundation in anatomy and alignment.


Once you have booked your space in our 300-hour YTTC, you will receive free access to a Pre-study online module that will help you prepare for your upcoming yoga teacher training journey. This online module also forms part of the non-contact hours of your 300-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with us. This module covers pre-recorded classes and some notes which covers the fundamentals of functional yoga anatomy. Ensuring that you have already gone through it will immensely enrich your learning process during your advance yoga teacher training with us. You will have access to this module for at least one year.

As part of the preparation towards your 300-hour yoga teacher training with us, you will be given a suggested reading list with yoga-related books to read and watch before coming to the course. These materials will also count towards non-contact hours. You will receive this list along with the joining instructions upon acceptance of your place in our 300-hour YTTC. We highly recommend that you endeavour to complete the pre-study online module before your yoga teacher training course begins.

Please note that pre-reading the books mentioned in the suggested reading list is optional but recommended. However, if you are unable to purchase the material or complete the online module before the course starts, don’t worry. You can do so during your free hours while you are here with us during your yoga teacher training with us.

Our online module can also serve as a great refresh for those who have either not studied yoga anatomy properly in their past yoga teacher trainings or have forgotten the fundamentals.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed in our 300-hour vinyasa flow yoga teacher training course. With our Pre-study online module and our comprehensive reading list, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. We can’t wait to see you in class!


*Weekends: Saturday classes will finish at 4.00 pm.  Sundays off.


“If not you, who? If not now, when?” ~The Talmud



FREE BONUS: Lifetime access to Online 300-hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training worth €1100 +online 50-hr speciality courses worth €400*

  • Early Bird Discount:
    • 200: 90 days before the course start date
    • 100: 45 days before the course start date
  • The course fee is in Euros and inclusive of all taxes.
  • Included in the fee: Training, accommodation and meals only.
  • Not included: Travel, insurance, any other liability etc.
  • Airport transfers: Available at INR 2400-4500 depending upon type of the taxis and the airport you are choosing to land.
  • Check-in: From 16.00 pm onwards on course start date.
  • Check-out: Before 10.00 am on course end date.
  • Orientation meetings: Are held between 4-5 pm on the course start date.
  • Accommodation: We have three  types of accommodation: namely Sampoorna, Anaya and Zen. All rooms are air-con and have private hot showers. We will always give you the accommodation agreed upon but life happens and sometimes we may have to make changes if required due to the circumstances beyond our control. Please check our Yoga Village page for pictures and more detailed information about the accommodation.
  • Please check our refund policies here


  1. Application: Complete the online application form . If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, please send us an email at [email protected].  Please always check your spam if you don’t see our response within 24 hours. You can also contact us at our Whatsapp number +919056007148 for status of your application.
  2. Booking amount: Once accepted in the course you will be asked to pay a non-refundable but transferrable booking fee of €400 via Stripe. Your place on the course will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit amount. This fee will be adjusted in your total course fee.
  3. Remaining balance:  Upon arrival at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa by cash, debit or credit card, or PayPal.
  4. Refund Policy

More than 80% students are between 23-38. Rest are between 20-22 and 38-65.

Four to Five depending upon the group size.

Deepak Sharma (founder), Eli Aguilar (co-founder), Prianca Sharma, Vinita Thackrey. There may be a couple of more teachers. It’s covid times there can always be some changes in the team. Please bear with us. Please visit our teacher’s page to learn more about our teaching team.

First of all, the teachings of an ashtanga yoga teacher training course always remains the same irrespective of the number of hours of the training.  It’s not the level of the course but the level of each student which determines what and how much she or he will learn in the course. Students from different levels will feel the course differently. For example: How far you will be allowed to practice in your ashtanga yoga primary series totally depends upon the level of your practice. Secondly, you will also have an exclusive access to our online module of 50-hours hands on adjustment training course as well as yoga anatomy module which the 200-hour YTTC students don’t have. You will also get much more opportunity to practice hands-on adjustment than the 200-hour YTTC students.

Flexibility is not the pre-requisite to join a yoga course but openness is. You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga. Yoga asana practice will make your flexible.

You should be fine as long as you can understand English well and speak a little bit. At least 60% of our students are not native English speakers. Our teachers do take this into consideration to ensure that the material being taught is understood by everyone.

Discipline and commitment, full attendance and participation in all the classes is required to obtain your certificate. There will also be a small written and practical exam at the end. We provide you a study guide (a question bank) which is part of your teacher training manual at the start of the course. All the questions from the exam will be from that study guide. The study guide is based on what we teach you. The exam is not to stress you out. We want you to enjoy your training here and not stress about the exam. No one has ever failed in Sampoorna in the last 12 years. If you are present mentally and physically in all the course you will pass the exam very easily.

Yes, we provide you an online module which covers yoga anatomy , well as our 50-hours hands-on adjustment teacher training and some pranayama, meditation and ashtanga yoga classes.

Yes, the courses are structured in a way that there are ample opportunities for student teaching practice throughout. In fact you will start practicing teaching from the day one.

Yes, all our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance. This certification will allow you to teach anywhere in the world. It’s also accepted by insurance companies.

Please take advice from your doctor or make your own call.

Pre-study (mandatory non-contact hours):

  • Once you have booked your place in the course, we will give you access to an online module which covers the 100 non-contact hours of the training.
  • This online module is a combination of pre-recorded classes and the teacher training manual.
  • This module covers a big portion of yoga anatomy, a few classes on pranayama, meditation, philosophy, a few Ashtanga classes so that you can start practicing at home if you don’t have access to a yoga studio. It also includes an exhaustive 50-hours hands-on adjustment online teacher training module.

Yes. Your previous 200-hour training combined with this 300-hours makes you eligible to register as a 500-hour YRT with Yoga Alliance.

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Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training School has been a registered international yoga school with Yoga Alliance, holding RYS-200, RYS-300, RYS-500, and YACEP designations since 2009. Its online and in-person Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide, enabling all graduates to teach globally. Upon course completion, participants receive a 200-Hour, 300-Hour, or 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, allowing registration as RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers) with Yoga Alliance. Our Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Courses empower you to teach legally in any country, whether you choose to register with Yoga Alliance registration or not.