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The Yoga Master Teacher Training Course

(Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship Program)

“Empower the teacher within you”

(60/90+ hours Yoga Alliance CEP/CPD Course)


What is a Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship Program?

The concept of apprenticeship in Yoga starts with the Upanishads. The Upanishads are ancient yogic texts and part of the Vedas. They are the most respected texts on yoga and spirituality on the planet. Upa-ni-shad literally means ‘to sit near’. The Upanishads are the collections of narration of truths and understandings that yoga students have known, felt and experienced by ‘sitting near to the master’. This ‘sitting or living near to the master’ is nothing but the apprenticeship.  The concept of apprenticeship in yoga has existed for ages in the form of karma yoga practiced in ashrams and monasteries. The popular guru-disciple relationship is nothing but a form of mentorship and apprenticeship where the guru is the mentor and the disciple is the apprentice.

In Sampoorna Yoga, we believe that taking a yoga teacher training course is a great step towards becoming a better yoga practitioner and a good yoga teacher, but most often it’s not enough. The biggest problems that the newly certified yoga teachers face are related to what, where and who to teach, and how to gain quality experience as soon as possible.

We are committed to help our alumni to become the best yoga teachers they can be, and we want them to have as much hands-on experience as possible. In order to achieve it, we have created our ‘Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship’, a program that provides an enriched environment to assist and teach yoga under the mentorship of our senior teachers. With this opportunity, our very few selected students can sharpen their skills and gain more confidence and experience in the practice of yoga techniques.

What will you do as an apprentice at Sampoorna Yoga?

As a qualified Yoga Teacher from Sampoorna, or any other recognized yoga teacher training school, you will join an ongoing 200 or 300 hour YTTC you signed up for and become part of it as a trainer-in-training. You will:

  • Attend most of the Yoga teacher training classes, observe the practice of the students and assist the teachers. For example, in an Ashtanga Yoga class you will be offering hand-on adjustments to the students -under the supervision of the lead yoga teacher-, while in an Alignment and Adjustment Techniques class you will be assisting the teacher -and students- through the workshop.
  • Be involved in giving feedback to the students in technical classes as well as student teaching classes.
  • With time, as your experience grows and if the senior teachers feel confident about you and your skills, then you will be given a few opportunities to co-teach some classes in the teacher training. (Please note that it will depend upon your performance and how much confidence the senior teachers have in your teaching skills, therefore, this opportunity may not be given to every apprentice)
  • Apart from the above, you may also have the opportunity to teach group yoga classes and workshops in our yoga drop-in center, but again this will depend upon your performance during your apprenticeship.
  • As the time passes by and your skills sharpen and improve, we aim to give you the opportunity to teach independently in our yoga teacher training courses, as a master teacher.


  • Real hands-on experience of assisting and teaching in yoga classes
  • Real hands-on experience of teaching yoga workshops
  • Teaching to a very diverse set of yoga students from all walks of life
  • Getting into professional networks of great yoga teachers
  • Building a great resume and an amazing yoga portfolio
  • Direct learning of business aspects of yoga
  • 60/90+ CEPs and 50+ hours of teaching experience: Yoga Alliance requires that all register yoga teachers (RYT) teach a minimum of 45 hours and gain 30 Continued Educational Points in subjects related to yoga, every three years in order to remain listed in their directory as an RYT. Our Apprenticeship course gives you a minimum of 60 CEPs, and a minimum of 50 hours of teaching experience. Upon the successful completion of your apprenticeship program, you will receive a certificate that you can upload to your Yoga Alliance profile in order to meet these requirements.
  • Time collapse: What you may learn by trial and error during many years of running around from place A to place B, teaching and practicing yoga  from studio to studio, from yoga class to yoga class; you can learn it in this program within six months, at the most.
  • Teaching opportunity: Depending upon your performance, and based on the recommendations of your mentors at Sampoorna, you may get the opportunity to teach -as a guest teacher- in our Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa.


  • For every 200 or 300 hours you successfully complete in our apprenticeship program, you will receive a 200 or 300-hour Yoga Master Teacher Training Certificate (according to the program you signed up for)
  • You will receive a 60-hour Continuing Education Points Certificate (CEPs/CPDs) for every 200-hour Apprenticeship Program you complete with us.
  • You will receive a 90-hour Continuing Education Points Certificate (CEPs/CPDs) for every 300-hour Apprenticeship Program you complete with us. 


This Yoga Apprenticeship Program is open to Sampoorna Yoga Alumni and to certified yoga teachers from other recognized and reputed yoga schools only, that meet the required qualification.


The Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship consists of the following:

  • 80% of your apprenticeship consists of actively assisting in an ongoing Yoga Teacher Training of your choice and qualification. The courses available are:
  • Reading and preparing yoga-related assignments
  • Observing and assisting in the asana practice of the YTTC students
  • Practicing hands-on adjustments in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yoga Therapy and Yin/Restorative yoga classes under supervision of the lead teachers
  • Assisting the lead teachers in their asana classes
  • Assisting the lead teachers in their alignment and adjustments classes
  • Assisting senior teachers during technical classes and various workshops
  • Teaching drop-in classes to level-1/2 students and fellow apprentices
  • Teaching yoga workshops to beginners
  • Receiving guidance and feedback from lead teachers on different subjects
  • Engaging with YTTC students and helping them individually or in a group
  • Giving feedback to YTTC students, under the supervision of senior teachers
  • Practicing classroom management and creating rapport with students
  • Building your teaching skills thus gaining confidence
  • Learning to work under a mentor and learning how to mentor others.
  • Practicing problem solving and leadership skills
  • Recognizing different types of bodies, practice, students and personalities
  • Finding your own and unique teaching style
  • Learning the business aspects of yoga

Note: Although the program has a formal structure, a lot will depend upon the apprentice’s level, enquiring ability and self-initiative as well. How much the apprentice will learn will heavily depend upon how much hard work she/he is ready to put in. Allotment of various classes and assisting opportunities will also depend upon the apprentice’s skills and teachers recommendations.


  • 6:30 am – 6.30 pm everyday with breakfast and lunch break in between
  • 4-6 hours of practice plus 2-4 hours to study and preparation, for a total of 8 hours a day
  • One day off per week

 Length of the program:

Prepare before you come:  

We understand that you are coming  to Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India to grow as a person, as a yogi and as a teacher. In order to achieve this, you need to:

  • Teach, prepare and practice as many yoga classes as you can before you arrive at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa. The quantity of teaching opportunities you will get here will also depend upon how prepared you are before starting your apprentice program.
  • Learn about Ashtanga Primary Series and Vinyasa Flow /or hatha and Yin yoga /or Yoga Therapy , practice it, and learn how to teach it (depending upon which stream you have chosen)
  • Learn and practice about alignment and adjustments of asanas as much as you can.
  • Watch the anatomy DVDs and study the anatomy books listed in the Apprentice Program pre-reading material (you will get this list once you apply for the program)

Remember: the more you know before you come here, the more you will get from your Teacher Apprenticeship Program at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India


    • 500 Euros each Course, includes meals, excludes accommodation
    • Can be provided only if space is available in the Yoga Village, Otherwise you will have to find your own accommodation outside Sampoorna at your own cost.
      If accommodation is available in the Yoga Village, we will be happy to offer the following at an additional price as below:
      SINGLE : 480 Euros
      TWIN SHARING : 250 Euros
  • DEPOSIT: The initial deposit of 400 Euros to be paid to book your place. This amount is non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-transferable to another person under any circumstances. This deposit, can be transferred to any other course on any other date within any period of time as long as the candidate informs us at least one month in advance. There is no limit of time to use this deposit.
  • BALANCE COURSE FEE: To be paid upon arrival to Sampoorna by Card/Cash. If you cannot join the course for some reason, you are NOT liable to pay the remaining course fee.

*The fees above exclude: everything else, i.e. any other expense -directly or indirectly- related to the apprenticeship program like travel, visa, insurance, books, etc.
**The prices above are inclusive of all taxes.


  • Please, copy and paste the questions below in your email, answer with all the requested information and send it back to [email protected]:
    • Full name
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Country of residence
    • Age
    • Which course(s) have you completed with Sampoorna Yoga and when?
    • Who were your main teachers in the Sampoorna course(s)?
    • Which other non-Sampoorna teacher training(s) have you undertaken? Please name the course(s), school(s) and year.
    • Which yoga apprenticeship do you want to join?
      • 200-hour Ashtanga – Vinyasa
      • 300-hour Hatha and Yin
      • 300-hour Yoga Therapy
    • Which date do you want to join from?
    • Any other information or comments?
  • Note: By sending this application you release us from all liabilities.


  • Your apprenticeship is synchronized with a 200 or 300 YTTC in Goa, India.
    • Joining/beginning date: You should join two days before a 200/300 YTTC starts. For example: if you are doing your apprenticeship in the 200-hr course that starts on 23rd Dec, you should report to Sampoorna Yoga, Goa on the 21st (For more information about YTTC dates, please check out our schedule)
    • End date: The final day of your apprenticeship is also synchronized with the end date of the YTTC you joined.


Q I am not a yoga teacher yet, can I join this program?
A No. Since this is an opportunity for certified yoga teachers only, first you  need to complete a YTTC with us, or any other recognized and reputed yoga school. You can join the Apprenticeship Program right after the completion of your course.

Q I am not a certified yoga teacher yet but I have already enrolled in one of your YTTC.  Can I still join this program and when?
A Yes, you can sign up for this program but your Apprenticeship Program will start only after the completion of your YTTC with us.

Q What is the minimum duration of this program?
A About 4-5 weeks, depending on the selected YTTC. Longer you do the better it is for you

Q What is the maximum length of this program?
A There is no upper limit, but generally six months would be the best

Q I have done my a 200 YTTC, can I join the apprenticeship in your 300-hour Hatha-Yin YYTC?
A. No, you can join only the Apprenticeship program in a 200-YTTC; or complete the 300-hour Hatha and Yin YTTC first, and then join the apprenticeship.

Q I have done my 200-hour YTTC, but not the 300-hr Yoga Therapy TTC. I only want to do my apprenticeship in the Yoga Therapy course. How can I do that?
A You can do so by completing our 300-hr Yoga Therapy TTC first.

Q I am a certified yoga teacher from another yoga school. Can I still join your program?
A Yes, but you need to be certified in the respective program you want to join for the apprenticeship, i.e. if you want to join our 300-hr Yoga Therapy TT, you must hold –at least- a 300-hr YTTC in Yoga Therapy.

Q I want to do my apprenticeship with Sampoorna in all three streams, i.e. 200 YTTC, 300 Yoga Therapy and 300 Hatha & Yin. How can I do that?
A. First, you will need to take all the above teacher training courses with us –or any other school-and then you can start your apprenticeship program in the 200-hr YTTC, followed by the apprenticeship in any of the two 300-hr YTTCs.

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Sampoorna Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professional UK. When you graduate from our school you will be eligible to register with them as a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, in your respective categories.