Sampoorna Yoga Launches Online 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Yoga TTC

To help yoga teachers elevate their teaching expertise, Sampoorna Yoga has launched an Online 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training (YTTC) course. A short, immersive certification course, this Online Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course aims to help teachers delve deeper into the intricacies of yoga asanas. The course offers a valuable insight into the dynamic and fluid style of vinyasa yoga, allowing individuals to deepen their knowledge and practice.

In the online 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing YTTC, students deep dive into the core principles and structural elements integral to crafting a Vinyasa Flow sequence. Students spend time understanding yoga asanas, correct alignment and anatomy of a pose. Moreover, it is an opportunity to enhance one’s yoga teaching skills under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Eli Aguilar, Sampoorna Yoga Founder, Costa Rica, said, “The art of sequencing Vinyasa flow classes is a harmonious blend of solid skills, deep knowledge, and a diverse array of tools. It’s a canvas where movement, breath, and mindfulness converge into a masterpiece. That’s why we’ve crafted this 50-hour course, to ensure that every yoga teacher possesses the brushstrokes to create transformative and inspiring sequences.”

Online 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Yoga TTC

The 50-hour online teacher training course has been structured such that it is suitable for both teachers and individuals looking for a comprehensive, dedicated learning environment with skilled and committed instructors. Practitioners can deepen their personal practice with experienced yoga teachers and fellow-students. It is an opportunity for teachers to benefit from a refreshing understanding of alignment, adjustment, hand-on adjustment techniques, yoga anatomy and teaching methodologies.

This program also allows yoga teachers to gain brownie points with Yoga Alliance. Yoga teachers holding a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate or 300-hour yoga certification can gain 50 Continuing Education Points, improving credibility.

As is the case with all Sampoorna Yoga online yoga teacher training programs, upon registration, students receive lifetime access to course material, such as pre-recorded theory and practical modules and course manuals with all the content for students to download or print. A self-paced learning model provides the added benefit of being able to complete the course within a year, based on one’s schedule. Live, Q&A sessions encourage interaction and the opportunity to ask questions, clear doubts, and engage with teachers and students. Students also get exclusive entry to the Sampoorna Yoga Alumni private Facebook group, thus enabling lifelong support, connection and community with folks on the same path.

With an emphasis on Vinyasa Flow sequencing, Sampoorna Yoga has designed the course with a significant focus on the fundamental concepts of yoga anatomy as well. The daily course practice involves intermediate to advanced level Vinyasa Flow classes, and theory sessions that comprehensively cover aspects such as asana families, sequencing principles, anatomical sequencing, class themes, and progressions towards an advanced pose. Sessions also explore modification and variations, adjustments and alignments, how to cater to different levels of accessibility and how to use props such as blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, and walls to enhance one’s practice. Equal importance is given to teaching methodology aspects such as demonstration, voice modulation, safety precautions, ethics and class management, among others. Instructors provide guidance on how to begin a yoga teaching career at a studio, school or individually (along with how to advertise services).

Sampoorna Yoga Launches Online 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Yoga TTC

The founders at Sampoorna Yoga have sweetened the deal by including two unique modules. The 50-hour online Advanced Sequencing Vinyasa also includes a foundational module on anatomy, and Yin yoga classes by co-founder, Eli Aguilar, and a Pranayama and Yoga Nidra practices class, guided by founder, Deepak Sharma. All of this at an introductory price of just $199!

To receive the 50-hour Advanced Sequencing Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training certificate, students must successfully pass a multiple-choice theory test, after completing all the course modules at their own pace.

With immense flexibility and an opportunity for teachers to expand their skills and expertise, the 50-hour Advanced Sequencing Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course is a chance to immerse oneself in a technique of yoga that encourages creativity, fluidity, balance and a harmonious rhythm between the body, breath and mind.

Find out more about this immersive course, how to book, what’s included, fee packages and more on or contact the Sampoorna Yoga team at [email protected] or via WhatsApp on +919056007148.


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