When you are thinking about improving your yoga practice or encouraging others to experience the benefits of yoga, the logical next step is to enroll in a yoga academy and become a yoga teacher. Perhaps you are wondering: What are the advantages to doing that? Continue reading to find the answer.

Yoga is more than just asanas; it is a lifelong journey and way of living. With the right knowledge and guidance, it can be a very fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. However, with the wrong knowledge or inadequate knowledge, you not only endanger your own body but also those around you. 

This is what makes a yoga academy training  so integral. It educates you in-depth in all eight aspects of sage Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga tradition (yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi) and arms you with all the practical tools you need practice safely and guide other practitioners properly. 

While it may be enough to have a basic understanding of human anatomy, body structure and functioning to practice yoga, it is definitely not enough to teach others and gain the full benefits of the practice! 

When you sign up for a yoga teacher training course – you sign up for a lot more than memorizing new postures. It will include time commitment and a considerable amount of learning  related to a vast range of topics like yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation, sequencing and teaching, yoga anatomy, the business of yoga among others. It will be a challenging –yet rewarding!– experience, and it will change your life. Will it be worth it? In our decades of teaching and certifying yoga teachers, and through thousands of students testimonials, we’ve always heard the same story: every minute, every penny is worth it.

yoga teacher training benefits

Every individual who becomes a yoga teacher at Sampoorna Yoga Academy experiences a life-changing journey. At the end of the day, it is about becoming the best person you can be. Let’s discuss what to expect when you come onboard and become a member of our happy family – whether you choose to study independently online or to learn in an in-person YTTC in India. 

1. You will become substantially more robust and stronger

We start with the most obvious: the physical benefits. You will progressively increase your corporal strength and elasticity while you practice broad types of asanas during your yoga training. Over time, the poses you used to find hard will become easier. Your yoga teacher trainer will help you with adjustments, modifications and variations to gradually build up to more advanced poses. 

When you realize your posture is progressing, and your muscle tone is consistently improving, you will also discover that any pain or tenderness you experienced at the beginning are now in the past. Your strength, physical power, and fitness will improve like never before.

2. You will deepen your yoga knowledge

Over the course of the yoga teacher training course, you will find your days filled with led yoga classes, theory classes, workshops, posture clinics, teaching practice among other things. 

Most of your practical time will be spent learning and practicing asanas. During such in-person courses, you will study and collaborate with other students in the class and learn how to modify each other´s poses. At the end of the period, you will have gained practical experience in adjusting anyone´s practice – regardless of their body type and challenges.

You will expand your theoretical understanding of yoga including the origin and evolution of different styles of yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy in the context of yoga practice and the qualities required to become an outstanding yoga teacher. Additionally, you will practice meditation, mindfulness, Sanskrit, pranayama, and other ancient methods (e.g., kriyas) to become a well-rounded practitioner and teacher. You will have a better opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of yoga rather than focusing on the asana practice.    

Yoga academy TTC benefits

To become a well-rounded yoga teacher is a holistic journey that will impact you profoundly. At the end of the program, you will realize that you can now experience life with lesser fear and more wisdom. A yoga academy provides you the best environment and guidance for you to experience yoga fully, and without bias. You will practically experience  that yoga is a lifestyle and not a religion

3. You will feel challenged

There is much to discover and learn in our yoga academy training. Our programs introduce you to an extensive range of topics and sub-topics. 

If you are not in the habit of learning abstract concepts (e.g., philosophy), you may feel overwhelmed at first. We recommend that you do not judge or fear anything in the beginning. Trust that you will be highly supported during your academic journey. Develop the conviction that you will be able to process and absorb all the information over a period of time. Remind yourself of the passion and commitment that made you start on this journey. By the time you leave the yoga academy, you will observe a newfound feeling of excitement and confidence in your yoga knowledge and teaching abilities. 

4. You will make friends

yoga teacher training