Unlocking the Next Level: 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Graduating from the 300-hour yoga teacher training course (YTTC) with their hearts full and minds relaxed are students who have unlocked the next level of their yoga journey. A more balanced and transformed self, many who unlock this advanced level yoga instructor training course feel like they have not only developed immense yoga teaching skills but also deepened their practice and spiritual knowledge.

We asked our students what their experience of completing the 300-hour yoga teacher training in Goa was. And, we must say, we loved how immersive and life-changing the experience was for them!

The 300-hour YTTC is a space where you can improve your yoga practice, deepen your knowledge and skills, and grow as a person and yoga teacher. It’s a space where, once you immerse yourself and trust the journey, you’ll find your highest potential, discover the real you and what you are capable of. An enriching experience, it is the best for many as they explore new depths of their practice and spiritual experience. “The 300-hour yoga teacher training has been the best experience of my life,” said Tabitha Tingey, Sampoorna Yoga Student from the UK.

Physically, emotionally and mentally, the 300-hour YTTC is confrontational, motivating and rewarding. There is so much opportunity for growth and learning. The 300-hour yoga teacher training program covers many advanced practices, from yoga asanas and cleansing techniques to pranayama, meditation and Yoga Nidra. Sampoorna Yoga Student, Sarah Gluschke, from Germany, says, “I returned after my 200-hour yoga teacher training because I loved the school so much. The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is great. We learnt a lot.”

Emma O’Hea from the UK said “It’s been amazing, challenging and now we’re fit!” She ended with “We know what we did!” indicating the depth of the practices she went through during the 300-hour YTTC.

“It’s been amazing, hot, sweaty! I learnt a lot. It’s been absolutely amazing,” was the reaction from Josephine Christa Keff from Denmark.

Physically, you will develop immense strength and flexibility. Internally, there is a strong cleansing effect which helps nourish and balance organs and systems. The deep meditations you learn tend to have a profound impact on the mind, making way for an enlightening experience.

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Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A unique spiritual journey inspiring you to discover a new you

You don’t need a new year to find a new you. These awe-inspiring experiences from a 300-hour yoga teacher training course allow you to unlock the real you. At Sampoorna Yoga’s Shala in Goa, spiritual energy is so high and positive that you begin to feel the vibrations within you.  You discover your purpose and potential. Many students find themselves functioning with renewed clarity and intention after completing the 300-hour YTTC. Motivation, inspiration and the willingness to do things that matter come to the surface. The importance given to desires and the need for materialistic things reduces. Overall, you will find yourself being more productive and mindful of everything you do.

For Elena Delmagno, from Italy, the 300-hour YTTC was a magical experience. She said, “I’m a little emotional after spending four amazing weeks with incredible people from 20+ countries. We just trained under passionate and experienced teachers. I feel so different from who I was a month ago! It is a magical and amazing experience.”

Students garner a fresh new outlook and perspective towards life. One of the beautiful things about completing an intensive yoga teacher training is that you go through so many changes during this time. You begin to view things differently, with softness, clarity and positive energy. How you handle situations and circumstances changes, leading to better decisions and outcomes. You even begin to adapt yoga as a lifestyle effortlessly.

Elena Jorge Medina, from Spain, described this perfectly in her experience. She said, “I discovered yoga is much more than just a practice. I began my studies in yoga to do deeper and discover what is within. If you are interested in knowing what is behind the beautiful postures, a 300-hour YTTC is the answer. Yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle.”

The wonderful experience with nature cannot be missed. “A wonderful location and wonderful people,” said Linnea Segerstedt from Sweden. She completed her 300-hour YTTC at Sampoorna and while she loved the spiritual experience and physical practices, she absolutely enjoyed the place. 

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Doing a 300-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa, India is mesmerizing time spent in the lap of nature. During the course students get time to take walks by the sea shore, watch the sunset, engage with the locals, shop from the street vendors, explore the town and culture, and more. The sight of beach dogs doing the Downward Facing Dog Pose as they stretch out in the early evening sun provides a hearty laugh and fondness for the innocent street animals around. These simple, slow life experiences add to the already impactful and transformative nature of the 300-hour YTTC you are doing.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Experience at Sampoorna

Learn and grow with a global community

Tabitha Tingey added, “For anyone thinking of doing the 300-hour yoga teacher training course, don’t drag your feet. Book your ticket, don’t be scared. This is one of the best places to meet incredible people.” At Sampoorna Yoga, you will learn, practice and grow with fellow-yogis from all over the globe. After the course you will continue to have access to the global network of yogis and of course, you will have your new friends with you throughout your journey. Nothing like meeting like-minded folks and making new friends, right?

For Benoit Couvreur, from France, it wasn’t just about the classes and atmosphere. He said, “I didn’t just love the classes and atmosphere, but the love and warmth from the teachers. It has been amazing. We have met incredible people and had a lot of fun.”

A time many cherish so fondly for the rest of their lives, taking the plunge with the 300-hour yoga teacher training is nothing short of magical. Experience this powerful time with fellow-yogis, as it marks the beginning of a new chapter for you, whether you’re teaching yoga as a career or deep-diving into the practice and philosophy of yoga.