Why should you choose India for your yoga teacher training course?

India is the birthplace of yoga and has the world’s yoga capital Rishkesh, located in the north. With many of the practices deeply rooted in ancient history and learning, it is the best place for a yoga teacher training program. You’ll find some of the best yoga teacher training programs in India at ashrams, yoga schools and studios. So if you’re beginning your yoga journey, looking to deepen your practice or hoping to build connections with like-minded folks, a yoga teacher training in India is a great place to start. Let’s look at the top reasons why you should choose India for your yoga teacher training program.

Why should you choose India for your yoga teacher training?
  1. The home of yoga: India is the birthplace of yoga. Thousands of years ago yoga was practiced by sages, kings and devotees. Some of the oldest yoga scriptures and sacred texts are from India, such as the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Upanishads. Over time, scholars have structured these texts into relatable and adaptable versions that are currently taught in many yoga schools. A few examples are the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga teacher training courses have been built on this knowledge and taught for decades by experienced yoga teachers in India. What better place to learn than the home of yoga where there is so much history deeply rooted?
  2. Experienced teachers trained in authentic schools: Most schools, like Sampoorna Yoga, will have experienced teachers guiding you and helping you learn, understand and practice yoga. Whether it is achieving a challenging yoga posture or learning a cleansing technique, experienced teachers in authentic schools will guide you every step of the way. Some intensive yoga teacher training courses will have you pair up with fellow-students to practice with support too. Sometimes, you might even go through an emotional experience during a practice, so the support of experienced teachers gives you more confidence and provides a safe space for you.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone: If you are taking up a yoga teacher training in Goa, Rishikesh or any other popular Indian city for yoga instructor training courses, it is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone. You will automatically withdraw from the chaos of your everyday life, the stressors of your day job and responsibilities. Yoga is a practice for the self. It allows you to go inward, withdraw from external occurrences and focus on yourself. Moreover, if it is a residential 200-hour yoga teacher training course, then you will be staying with other students for the entire duration. This will encourage you to mingle with new people from different countries.
  4. Adapt a new lifestyle: If you are doing a residential yoga teacher training program, your daily schedule and routine will be designed to help you adapt to a new lifestyle. You will spend your time during the course following a balanced routine that consists of physical practices, theory classes, self-study, Karma yoga (service), and enough free time to engage with batchmates, unwind and explore. At Sampoorna Yoga, the schedule is designed to help you develop self-discipline and positive habits which you will continue to follow even after your course is over. While the schedule is normally packed, it encourages balance, boosts your energy and keeps you active.

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  1. Affordable and economical: A yoga teacher training course in India will not burn a hole through your pockets. The yoga programs are affordable and worth every penny. They are a mix of yoga practices, theory and modules on how to find a yoga job or start your business. There are many short programs, too, which you can choose to start with. Your accommodation and food is normally wholesome and healthy. At Sampoorna Yoga, we provide first-class facilities with delicious and nourishing meals which make the investment completely worth it. With stunning nature around and experienced teachers, your yoga teacher training course will be completely worth it.
  2. Immerse yourself in nature: There is so much nature around, whether you’re in a coastal town like Goa, or near the mountains and rivers like Rishikesh, giving you ample opportunity to immerse yourself in nature during your time off. So while the yoga practices itself will be a powerful experience, the blend of nature will further allow you to immerse yourself in the transformative journey. You will enjoy the simple, slow life and beauty around you. Even if it is an intensive yoga teacher training, you won’t find yourself exhausted or tired, but rather energized and inspired. In your time-off you’ll get to find joy in watching the sunset, walking on the beach, and observing innocent animals playing around you. It’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect to reconnect.
  3. Meet like-minded folks: One of the best advantages of choosing a yoga teacher training in India is the chance to meet like-minded folks. During the course, you will learn from other student’s experiences, share ideas and thoughts, spend quality time with them, help them do certain practices, and more. You’ll build strong connections with fellow-yogis who are just as passionate about yoga as you. Some of them will go on to become friends for life. Schools like Sampoorna Yoga allow you the opportunity to continue networking and connecting with a global community of yogis even after your yoga teacher training course.
  4. A holistic experience: A yoga teacher training course in India is an opportunity to gain a holistic experience consisting of physical activity, breathwork, meditation, cleansing practices, self-study and more. You’ll work on your mind and body, developing a strong connection. This will allow you to align yourself, create a harmony between your mind and body and confront emotions. You’ll learn how to adapt and apply several yoga philosophies in your daily life and how this can change your life.
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In-person yoga teacher training programs in India have so much to offer that can completely change your life. You will return to your daily life refreshed and completely transformed with new energy and positivity. Taking the time out might be a challenge, but once you do it, you’ll be so grateful you did it!

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