Why should you do your 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, India?

Thinking of taking your yoga education a step further with a 300-hour yoga teacher training course (YTTC)? Feel like you’re torn between schools, courses and formats (in-person or online)? We know the feeling. It can be tough. Here’s a thought – if you have the time to spare, why not take up an in-person 300-hour yoga teacher training in the homeland of yoga, India? With incredible schools in some of the most picturesque and must-see locations, a 300-hour YTTC in a place like Goa (in southern India) is an experience of a lifetime! Take a look at the top reasons to do a 300-hour yoga teacher training in Goa.

yoga teacher training in Goa, India
  1. Learn in the birthplace of Yoga:Yoga originated in India over 5000 years ago. The first mention of yoga was in sacred texts, known as the Vedas, with sages, kings and their disciples practicing yoga everyday. Since then, the various practices and philosophy have been refined and structured by scholars. This led to the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita (the most popular Hindu scripture), the Yoga Sutras, and many other popular texts. Swami Svatmarama structured Hatha Yoga with his book Hatha Yoga Pradipika, while Maharishi Patanjali organized yoga practices and knowledge in the Yoga Sutras and Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Today, there are many ashrams and yoga schools deeply rooted in this ancient knowledge. They have built authentic yoga teacher training courses to impart this knowledge, make it adaptable in the modern world and spread the practice of yoga. Most experienced teachers have also trained in-person in India and are not teaching at these ashrams and schools. So, what better place to further your education than in the homeland of yoga?
  2. Withdraw from the chaos: Goa is a coastal city located in South-West India with endless beaches and mesmerizing greenery. The minute you set foot in this city it feels like a breath of fresh air and a pause in the chaos. Yoga is a practice for the self. It is an inward journey that gradually enables you to withdraw from the external world and sensory perceptions (this is the 5th stage of Ashtanga’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, called Pratyahara). In a peaceful and relaxing town like Goa achieving Pratyahara is all the more possible, making way for deeper and higher stages of your yogic journey. A 300-hour YTTC in Goa offers the opportunity to look at life from a new lens while advancing your yoga expertise, your health and well-being.
  3. Enjoy the simplicity: So many of us take a holiday to get away from a job or daily responsibilities. So why not turn your holiday into a wellness retreat where you get a breather, get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and appreciate the beauty around you. Life in Goa is slow and simple. Even if you are doing 300-hours, which is an intensive yoga teacher training course, you will find that the simplicity and calmness of the place inspires you and energizes you. With a course like Sampoorna Yoga’s 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will still get time-off to take a walk along the beach, watch the sunset and connect with nature. You’ll find joy in simple things like watching the fishermen at work, innocent animals playing by the shore or street vendors making a sale. You’ll naturally disconnect from the outside world to connect with yourself and nature in a powerful sense.

Take a look at the stunning Sampoorna Yoga Village, Goa here.

  1. Holistic yoga experience: Yoga is more than physical practices consisting of postures, breathwork and meditation. It is a holistic practice that allows you to connect with your true self by establishing a mind-body connection, using the breath to control the mind and being free from fears and inhibitions. Taking up a residential course in Goa gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely and get a complete holistic experience of yoga. For many, applying yoga philosophy is a challenge. How do you apply Yamas and Niyamas in daily life? What is the meaning of a Yoga Sutra and how is it significant in a real-life situation? A 300-hour residential yoga teacher training course in Goa will give you the time and opportunity to apply these learnings in real life, share your experience and learn from the experience of others.
  2. Support for advanced practices:A 300-hour YTTC includes advanced and challenging practices of yoga asanas, breathing techniques, cleansing practices and even intense meditation practice. While it is safe to do these practices in an online format, if you can do it in-person, your experience will be very different. In a yoga instructor training course in Goa you will have physical support from fellow-students and teachers when attempting a challenging posture. Experienced teachers are there to show you how to do a cleansing technique. Some of us even go through emotional experiences during a practice (specific meditations, for example), so the support of a teacher gives you the confidence to let go and trust the practice completely.
  3. An experience with new friends:An intense training, a 300-hour yoga teacher training is a transformational experience for many. When doing the course in Goa, you will spend weeks together with others who are just as passionate and going through a similar experience as you. Throughout the program you will be supporting each other in your practices, you might even pair up with each other for a few sessions, fostering trust and belief in each other. You will have time off, days at the beach or evenings outside the school where you will get to bond with your batchmates on everything yoga, Goa and life. Goa is the perfect place for this as the vibes are slow, simple and refreshing. You’ll connect over your journey, the space, food and culture, and graduate with new friends for life.
  4. A yogic lifestyle:During a 300-hour yoga teacher training program in Goa you will follow a balanced routine consisting of physical practices, theory classes, self-study, Karma yoga (service), and enough free time to engage with batchmates, unwind and explore. This balanced routine will help you develop self-discipline, which will become ingrained in you and you will carry forward even after the course is over. At Sampoorna Yoga, you will follow a daily time table that is designed to encourage a balanced, energetic lifestyle.
  5. Worth the penny: 300-hour yoga teacher training courses can be expensive in some places. However, in Goa, India, you will find that the courses are cost-effective and value for money. Schools like Sampoorna Yoga provide first-class facilities, delicious, wholesome meals and a wonderful experience. With the beach being a short walk away, you can walk down for the sunset any day. As for the course, the 300-hour yoga teacher training program consists of a robust syllabus that will equip you to start or advance your yoga teaching career, grow your yoga knowledge and practice, and build on your strengths. You will have experienced and qualified yoga teachers guiding and supporting you every step of the way.
300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, India

With so much to offer, what better place to do an advanced yoga teacher training than Goa where the vibes are positive and energizing. Doing a course in Goa also gives you the chance to travel and explore other cities in the homeland of India. It’s economical, affordable and the sights you will see are enriching and stunning! You can even travel to North India, and Rishikesh, which is known to be the capital of Yoga.

If you’re on the fence or unable to decide, drop us an email and we would love to speak to you!


Sampoorna Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA. When you graduate from our school you will be eligible to register with them as a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, in your respective categories.