Yoga Teacher Dreams: How a 200-Hour Training Can Make It a Reality

Always dreamt of living a life of balance, teaching life-changing practices of asana, pranayama and meditation to students and sharing pearls of wisdom that helps one solve any problem even today? Dreaming of a life where you start your day with your own practice, spending time moving on the mat, connecting with your body, breath and mind, breathing in peace and breathing out worries, and developing deep focus? The idea of teaching yoga everyday to a group of students, hosting workshops or traveling to stunning destinations for peaceful retreats gets you excited? We’re here to tell you you can achieve this dream. You can make your dream to be a yoga teacher come true. It all starts with taking the first step towards a 200-hour yoga teacher training (YTT) course.

Yoga Teacher Dreams: How a 200-Hour Training Can Make It a Reality


The first step is researching schools. There are plenty of yoga schools offering 200-hour yoga teacher training programs, but you have to find one that is a cut above the rest. Decide whether you wish to do an in-person 200-hour yoga teacher training or an online 200-hour YTT. If it’s in-person, look into things like the city the school is located in, facilities such as meals and accommodation, among others. If it’s an online yoga teacher training, carefully look at how many hours are live and how many are pre-recorded. Find out who your teachers will be, what is the course syllabus, are there modules on specific areas of your interest, etc. Also consider whether the school and course is Yoga Alliance certified, as this will give you the accreditation you need to teach anywhere in the world. When choosing a yoga school, ensure that the school ties in with your goals and priorities.


The best 200-hour yoga teacher training courses will cover both theory and practical parts of yoga. There will be a dedicated number of hours for asanas, pranayama and meditation where you learn practices and techniques that establish a strong foundation. Theory aspects will introduce you to the history and origin of yoga, the streams of yoga, the Yoga Sutras and Eight Limbs of Yoga, the principles of Hatha Yoga, cleansing techniques, and the anatomy and physiology of yoga asanas, among others. All of this will equip you with the knowledge you need to begin your yoga teaching career in a strong and fulfilling way.


You’ve decided to turn your dream into a reality. Yes, the 200-hour YTT course is the first step. But it doesn’t end with just signing up and attending classes from day one. Bringing your real passion and dedication to each session will be a winner for you. When you put in your 100%, you’ll find that you are gaining more out of the course than just practicing asanas or listening to yoga philosophy. You’ll truly begin to understand yoga as a lifestyle and the depth of this beautiful ancient practice. You’ll understand what it means to apply knowledge from the Sutras or the Yamas and Niyamas, or even the Bhagavad Gita in today’s world.


With passion and dedication comes complete presence of mind. Being present physically in class is not enough. Applying your mind in every session – whether it’s while doing an asana or learning about the anatomy in a yoga pose – will help you absorb, learn and understand every aspect of the class. So when you start teaching yoga, you’ll be speaking from experience, rather than a textbook. Moreover, by being present, you’ll learn the art of mindfulness. You’ll notice yourself being more mindful and conscious in your thoughts, words and actions. Imagine when you start teaching, how useful this mindfulness will be in observing a student’s strength or flexibility. Students will notice this and respect you more for your ability to observe each one during a class.


Practice applies to your own practice and practicing teaching. Once your 200-hour YTT course is completed, your practice of yoga asanas and techniques must continue with the same passion and dedication. Set aside time yourself every morning or evening for your practice or join a class with another teacher. You can also start a group practice session with others from your course. Only with practice will you continue to progress to advanced levels. Try different variations and modifications or try to understand the anatomy of a pose. How does it feel? Observe sensations in your body. When you notice these experiences, it will help you teach with more confidence.

You can also start teaching friends and family initially to practice your teaching skills if you feel you need more confidence. During this time, create your class plans and start marketing your services. In a few weeks, you’ll be ready to teach professionally!


Now comes the part where you define your goals clearly. Are you more keen on taking hourly classes everyday or a few times a week? Or are focused workshops your area of interest? Define the kind of classes you wish to take, how many hours you can put it, where do you wish to teach (online, at a fitness center or studio, or start your own yoga studio)? Then start creating class plans, workshop modules, retreats, kirtans, and any other activity that contributes to the wellness of your audience. How will you market your classes? You probably need to create some marketing collateral, start a social media page and spread the word through friends and family. Once you are clear about it, start taking the necessary actions to promote your classes and get signups!

You’re only 200-hours away from turning your yoga teaching dream into a reality. This being said, as you embark on this journey bring your A-game and watch the magic unfold. You’ll not only feel a complete personal transformation, but you’ll wrap up the course with confidence and surety that continues to motivate you as you live your dream!


Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training School has been a registered international yoga school with Yoga Alliance, holding RYS-200, RYS-300, RYS-500, and YACEP designations since 2009. Its online and in-person Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide, enabling all graduates to teach globally. Upon course completion, participants receive a 200-Hour, 300-Hour, or 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, allowing registration as RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers) with Yoga Alliance. Our Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Courses empower you to teach legally in any country, whether you choose to register with Yoga Alliance registration or not.