Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Courses


200-HOUR & 300-HOUR YTTCs

Yoga Alliance Approved

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India


Discover our highly coveted hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Courses, an ideal blend of 14 days of immersive, in-person Yoga Teacher Training in India, coupled with our comprehensive 200-hour or 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses available online. Our hybrid Yoga Teacher Training format caters to individuals who, for various personal and social reasons, are unable to attend an in-person Yoga Teacher Training with us. This innovative approach harmoniously combines the strengths of both formats, providing an enriching and flexible learning experience. Join us on this transformative journey to deepen your understanding of yoga and become a certified yoga instructor.

hybrid yoga teacher training


  • In-person Training:
    • Experience a transformative 14-day in-person Yoga Teacher Training at the serene Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, guided by our exceptional teachers.
    • Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and practices of yoga in a beautiful and inspiring setting.
  • Online Training:
    • Gain full and lifetime access to our extensive online Yoga Teacher Training course.
    • Benefit from live Q&A online classes (scheduled for the online YTTC) that provide you with interactive guidance.
    • Access a treasure trove of pre-recorded videos, the comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training manual, and a variety of supplementary study materials.
    • Enjoy the flexibility to learn and deepen your knowledge at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

This dual-module approach allows you to access the best of both worlds, providing a balanced and flexible learning experience that accommodates your individual needs and preferences. Become a certified yoga teacher with the convenience of online resources and the immersive experience of in-person training.


Explore our current offerings of hybrid yoga teacher training courses, designed to provide you with a flexible and comprehensive learning experience. Currently, we have the following courses available in this innovative format:

  1. Hybrid 200-Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course:
  2. Hybrid 300-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course:
  3. Hybrid 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (Coming Soon):
    • Stay tuned for our upcoming 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, and experience 14 days of the in-person training in the tranquil backdrop of Goa, India.
    • Complement your in-person training with lifetime access to our online 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course, slated to be available by December 2023.

These hybrid courses offer a harmonious blend of in-person and online learning, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded and flexible education on your journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor.



  • Your yoga teacher training journey begins as soon as you successfully enroll in the course by paying the initial booking deposit of €300.



  • You have the flexibility to commence your studies right away if you wish, thanks to the online access.


  • The essential part of your training unfolds in person in the breathtaking setting of Goa, India.
  • You can select any of the starting dates from our in-person Yoga Teacher Training Courses, providing you with the freedom to choose when it aligns with your life’s demands. There is no imposed time limit.


  • The ideal scenario is to complete the online module before attending the in-person module, or at least to study the majority of it.
  • However, you have the flexibility to decide the sequence that suits your needs best. Whether you prefer to begin with in-person training in Goa, India, or kickstart your journey with the online module, the choice is entirely up to you. We aim to provide a versatile and accommodating learning experience to help you achieve your yoga teaching certification.


To become a certified yoga teacher, you must pass two exams: a multiple-choice theory exam and a practical exam teaching a 30-minute Vinyasa Flow class.


  1. Complete the online course and theory exam,
  2. Attend the 14-day in-person training,
  3. Pass the practical exam on-site, and receive your yoga teacher certificate immediately.


  1. Attend the 14-day in-person training, and teach your class,
  2. Return home, finish the online course and theory exam,
  3. Receive your certificate by email.


  1. Start the online modules at your own pace,
  2. Attend the 14-day in-person training,
  3. Return home, complete the online course and theory exam,
  4. Submit practical exam video, receive feedback, and get your certificate by email.


Find the curriculum and dates by clicking the links below for the respective yoga courses:


  • Plan to attend a 14-day in-person training with us.
  • Your course fee for the hybrid YTTC covers training, meals, and accommodation for up to 14 days/13 nights, regardless of whether you attend the full 14 days or a shorter duration.
  • If you decide to extend your stay beyond the 14 days, you will need to pay the standard in-person fee package for the additional days (irrespective of the amount of extra days), within the timeframe of the in-person course.
  • The in-person module of your hybrid yoga course aligns with the start date of our regular in-person yoga teacher training, enabling you to connect with the group from the very beginning.

This structure provides flexibility and the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the in-person yoga training experience.


  • Gain full lifetime access to our online 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga YTTC, 300-hour Vinyasa Yoga YTTC, or 200-hour Hatha Yoga YTTC within two days of securing your spot in the course by paying the initial €300 deposit.
  • These online YTTC courses are comprehensive and independent yoga teacher training programs. They encompass the entire syllabus of both 200-hour and 300-hour courses, preparing you to become a well-rounded yoga teacher. Topics covered include yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, alignment, hands-on adjustment workshops, sequencing workshops, and student teaching practice.
  • Access an extensive library of pre-recorded videos, including past live Q&A classes.
  • Download and print a complete yoga teacher training manual for your reference.
  • Our online courses are hosted on Teachable, one of the leading e-learning platforms, known for its user-friendly interface and ease of navigation.

This online training platform ensures convenience and accessibility as you pursue your journey towards yoga teacher certification.


200-hr Ashtanga Vinyasa YTTC- Hybrid (in-person training dates)

*Please note that your fee includes maximum 14 days/13 nights stay.

300-hr Vinyasa Flow YTTC-Hybrid (in-person training dates)

*Please note that your fee includes maximum 14 days/13 nights stay.

200-hr Hatha Yoga TTC- Hybrid (in-person training dates)

*Please note that your fee includes maximum 14 days/13 nights stay.


200-hr Ashtanga Vinyasa YTTC- Hybrid & 200-hr Hatha Yoga-Hybrid

*FREE BONUS: Online 50-Hour Specialty Course Valued at €399

(ONLY when submitting the hybrid course deposit within 48 hours of applying)

300-hr Vinyasa Flow YTTC- Hybrid

*FREE BONUS: Online 50-Hour Specialty Course Valued at €399

(ONLY when submitting the hybrid course deposit within 48 hours of applying)

  • Early Bird Discount:
    • €200: 90 days before the course start date
    • €100: 45 days before the course start date
  • The course fee is in Euros and inclusive of all taxes.
  • Included in the fee: Lifetime access to online course, up to 14 days in-person training, accommodation, meals and teacher training manual.
  • Not included: Travel, insurance, extra nights, any other liability etc.
  • Airport transfers: Available at INR 2400-3800.
  • Check-in: From 16.00 pm onwards on course start date.
  • Check-out: Before 10.00 am on course end date.
  • Orientation meetings: Are held between 4-5 pm on the course start date.
  • Accommodation: We have two types of accommodation named Sampoorna and Anaya. All rooms are air-con and have private hot showers. We will always give you the accommodation agreed upon but life happens and sometimes we may have to make changes if required due to the circumstances beyond our control. Please check our Yoga Village page for pictures and more detailed information about the accommodation.

At our Yoga School, we offer two accommodation options: Sampoorna and Anaya. All rooms come with air conditioning and private hot showers. While we do our best to provide the agreed-upon accommodation, unforeseen circumstances may occasionally necessitate changes. For detailed information and images of our accommodations, please visit our Yoga Village page.


  1. Application: Complete the online application form. If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, please send us an email at [email protected]. Please always check your spam if you don’t see our response within 24 hours. You can also contact us at our Whatsapp number +919056007148 for status of your application.
  2. Booking amount: Once accepted in the course you will be asked to pay a non-refundable but transferrable booking fee of €300 via Stripe. Your place on the course will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit amount. This fee will be adjusted in your total course fee.
  3. Remaining balance:  Upon arrival at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa by cash, debit or credit card, or PayPal.
  4. Refund Policy


We’re here to support you. Our flexibility ensures your journey to becoming a yoga teacher aligns with your unique needs. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you every step of the way