Alasya – Reconnecting to the Enthusiasm Within

How to reconnect to your enthusiasm… There are certain obstacles (antarayas) that commonly arise in our lives. The process of overcoming these obstacles aids our personal growth, often resulting in clarity and greater connection to ourselves, to our homes, to others, and to our work. It is the latter that I wish to focus on today.

Alasya is one of the nine obstacles. It translates as a lack of enthusiasm – for life, for relationships, for our community, for our future, and/or for our work. This lack of enthusiasm can manifest as feelings of indifference and disinterest, having little or no energy, lacking initiative and drive, and being lazy and unproductive.

Disconnection from Meaningful Work

In 2012, Gallup conducted an extensive study that interviewed millions of people living in 150 countries around the world. Almost, 90% of participants were said to feel unenthusiastic about their work. The study also found that work now takes up almost 80% of our time, which means that the vast majority of people experience disconnection almost all of the time.

When we wake in the morning we want to look forward to our day.  We want to enjoy our work. We long to feel that our actions make a difference. We want to feel noticed and valued by our employers, colleagues, and the wider community. And, most of all we want to be able to grow and change for the better.

But, according to the study, only 13% of the millions interviewed felt engaged, inspired, and enthusiastic by their work.

Why are so many of us disconnected from meaningful work?

Work Culture: For many in the Western world, the workday consists of sitting behind a desk for 10+ hours a day. Sitting down all day lowers our energy levels, which in turn hinders our ability to feel enthusiastic about anything. Instead we feel lethargic and fatigued.

Paradigm for success: We have been conditioned to prioritise money over meaning when it comes to our work. There’s a tendency to judge whether someone is successful (including ourselves) based upon how much they earn rather than whether they are living from a place of resonance and connection with their work.

Mindset: Many believe that work is something that we have to do whether we like it or not. This mindset results in people settling for okay jobs with okay salaries so that we can lead okay lives.

So, how can we overcome Alasya?

  • Cultivating motivation and passion is a two-step process that will ultimately have us connecting with our dharma.
  • Understanding a situation and being aware of our reaction to it is fundamental to bringing about meaningful change.What are you enthusiastic about? What stops you from pursuing this interest? What makes you think that you could not create an income doing what you love? First, you must be curious and examine the answers that come up for you. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin then sitting in meditation can be a very effective way of creating space between you and the obstacle.
  • Next, we must take action.Talk about your interests and passions, read books, and listen to podcasts by people who have experienced suffering and who have overcome it. What solutions did they create? The purpose of this stage is to actively explore the ways in which you could be of service to others whilst pursuing your passion. For example, if you love hiking then why not guide private or group hikes in your local area.
  • Try something new!
  • Trust in yourself.

I hope that this article doesn’t resonate with you and that you already love what you do and feel connected to your dharma, but if it does and you find yourself asking: ‘Why am I doing this? Where’s the joy in what I do? What’s the point?’ then look to the lessons and opportunities that this obstacle can provide you. Trust in yourself and your ability to know what needs to be done.

What obstacles are you working on in your practice both on and off the yoga mat?  

Author: Laura Gwilliam, The Resonance Collective @theresonanceco

Laura is a life coach, certified yoga teacher from Sampoorna Yoga, writer and the founder of The Resonance Collective. She inspires others to live resonant lives through her teachings of connection, conscious living, and wellbeing.  


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